Cliffside Trade Program: A Professional Partnership for Design Professionals

cliffside trade program

Are you in the business of home-building, interior design, architecture, or custom cabinetmaking? Are you looking for great deals on wholesale hardware? With Cliffside's Trade Program, we offer the discounts you want, the brands you desire, and the quality you need.

As a trade professional, you know your clients want style, durability, and value. Our elegant and functional hardware is made to last. While the average person might overlook the importance of quality hardware on cabinets, doors, and drawers, we understand how the small details can make a big difference. As a trade professional, we're sure you agree. That's part of the reason we're excited to share our passion for fine hardware with you.

If you're interested in saving on thoughtfully crafted hardware or top-of-the-line plumbing products for your contracting or design business, keep reading. We are going to show you how you can enjoy the many benefits of joining the Cliffside Trade Program— a company that values our customers as much as the state-of-the-art hardware we craft.

Overview of the Cliffside Trade Programprogram benefits

Joining the Cliffside Trade Program is a quick, easy way to find the hardware deal you're looking for.

As a trade professional, you're eligible to receive deep discounting on all of our high-quality knobs, handles, and more. It is our goal to work with you and make your home projects easier, faster, and more satisfying. When you shop with Cliffside as a trade program member, you'll save time, money, and frustration. You'll know that you're ordering only the best, and our huge collection gives you the variety you need to make your clients happy.

With years of experience and a passion for quality and excellent customer service, Cliffside strives to deliver the best hardware you can find. We offer a wide assortment of signature European-manufactured hardware, including hardware suites and individual pieces, and our popular Cliffside Choice top-quality zinc hardware. We are always eager to engineer new and imaginative pieces to add to our vast collection, so you'll have exciting and inspiring options to explore.

As a Cliffside Trade Program member, you'll enjoy benefits such as:

  • Wholesale pricing: As a trade professional, you need products you can depend on at unbeatable prices. We strive to deliver the best deals in extraordinary hardware.
  • Fast ordering: Easy log in makes online shopping and checkout quick and easy. You can order online anywhere, at any time, to meet your project demands.
  • Fast turn-around: Our in-stock products ship within 48 hours of order receipt. With Cliffside, it's easy to meet deadlines and promptly please your clients when they change their minds or make last-minute design decisions.
  • Special rewards: Personal benefits programs are available to dealers who sign up and order online. You can earn instant order credits with us just by shopping on our website.
  • Order tracking: As a trade program member, you'll have a special login dedicated to your account. You'll be able to browse deals, zip through checkout, view and track orders and more. For questions, concerns, or assistance with any orders, we are ready to provide answers by phone, email, live chat, or online contact forms — whichever is most convenient for you.
  • Tailored customer service: We are a service-first company. It is our mission to provide the best products and superior service. We promote innovative ideas, growth and strong customer relationships.

Our mission at Cliffside is to build lasting relationships with our customers and make the ordering process as smooth and quick as possible. As a Cliffside Trade Program member, you'll spend less time searching for great hardware at discount prices and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

The Benefits of Partnering With Cliffside

cliffside suites

Like many businesses, Cliffside started with hope and a vision — to specialize in supplying craftsman-quality decorative hardware. Founded in 1987 by Walter Zaleskie, Cliffside has a long history of distributing the finest hardware from craftspeople across the globe. Family-owned and operated to this day, we treat customers like one of our own. Every single order is fulfilled with care, efficiency and pride. We feel confident saying our hardware is simply the best.

Why partner with Cliffside over other hardware suppliers? Here are a few more reasons to give us a call or browse our online store for your insider-hardware needs:

  • Top-notch, quality hardware: All of our products are top-of-the-line, guaranteed. Our products are strong, durable and the best in the industry. If you want excellence for your business and clients from a name you can trust, choose Cliffside.
  • Signature suites: Our signature hardware suites come in a variety of finishes and styles, perfect for all of your clients. Whether you want a collection of stainless steel hardware to complement a contemporary kitchen or our sleek, farmhouse-inspired Artisan Suite, we offer a range of inspired designs to fit any home or office. All suites have multiple handle sizes available, coordinating knobs, matching hinges, plus pulls and latches. With Cliffside, it's easy to create a cohesive look without sacrificing quality, as each piece comes crafted from solid materials.
  • Signature solid brass and zinc product lines: Our brass products are the finest in the trade. Our brass product lines are available in five suites with up to ten finishes, ranging from contemporary to traditional styles. Our zinc hardware is crafted from the highest-quality zinc available. All of our hardware feels as good as it looks, and your clients are sure to notice.
  • Industry Leading Brands: Cliffside Industries does not only stock and sell our own line of cabinet hardware; we are also partnered with a range of the industry’s top brands of door hardware, cabinet hardware, and plumbing brands to give you all of the tools you need to outfit a kitchen, a bath, or a home. Well-known quality names like Baldwin, Emtek, and Omnia stand in our catalog alongside designer suppliers such as TopEx, Grace White Glass, and Notting Hill.

The benefits of Cliffside do not end with the best hardware money can buy. Our customer service is top of the line, and we aim to share our expert advice quickly and solve problems efficiently until you are satisfied.

How to Join the Cliffside Trade Program

Are you ready to enjoy the many benefits of the Cliffside Trade Program? Are you a contractor, architect, interior designer or another trade professional in need of routine quality hardware delivered fast and backed by excellent customer service? Our trade program is free to join, so why not start saving today? To sign up for a trade account and receive wholesale pricing, contact us today to get started.

Common Trade Program Questions

We aim to make your decision-making experience as seamless and informed as possible. Read on below for more details on what a wholesale retail trade program has to offer, starting today.

1. What Is a Trade Program?

A trade program is offered to trade professionals who need wholesale products at discount prices. Not only does Cliffside offer special pricing for professionals, but we also offer excellent customer support to make sure your products are delivered with speed in perfect condition.

2. How Do Trade Programs Work?

First, you will need to supply appropriate documentation or proof that you are a trade professional, or fill out an application form. Once approved, qualified individuals will have access to wholesale discounts. Second, you will then be able to create a trade account, your portal to log in and shop for designer and discount hardware.

To create a trade account with Cliffside, fill out our trade program form.

3. What Are the Benefits of a Trade Program?

If you are a trade professional who consistently needs large orders of quality hardware, it only makes sense to take advantage of a trade program.

Trade programs are designed to provide special discounts and personalized support. You might think of a trade program as a partnership between your company and the company you have a trade account with. Some of the many benefits and unique advantages of joining a trade program include:

  • Save multiple shipping addresses in your account for quick and convenient transactions.
  • Receive shipping discounts or free shipping on orders over a certain amount.
  • Have special access to trade-member only sales and products.
  • Easily track orders and keep a record of account activity.
  • Enjoy exclusive and substantial discounts and products savings.
  • Earn special rewards like our Cliffside Cash program.
  • Enjoy personal customer service and support.
  • Save time through an easy login while shopping online or in-person.

As you can see, it's worth becoming a trade member to save on the hardware you need. Cliffside is here to make that process streamlined and easy so you can get started saving today.

4. Who Can Benefit From a Trade Program?interior designers

Individual designers, contractors, builders, kitchen dealers, cabinet manufacturers, or other professionals who have proper documentation may apply for trade programs. The benefits of joining the Cliffside Trade Program are significant for each. Consider the following ways different trade professionals can benefit from our program:

  • Interior designers: Designers benefit from the quality of our products and the variety of styles we offer. From traditional to contemporary hardware, we help interior designers meet their clients' vision. Also, with so many hardware styles to choose from, it's easy to incorporate matching hardware throughout the entire home for a harmonious design that's sure to impress. We offer a wide variety of colors, styles and materials to satisfy even the most finicky clients. Whether designers are looking for bold turquoise crystal knobs for a beachside cabana or sleek polished nickel handles for a modern kitchen, they can find it at Cliffside.
  • Contractors and remodelers: We help contractors add the perfect finishing touches and finish projects on time. Perhaps a remodeler needs a unique solid brass door-knocker or decorative handles for new home appliances. They know they can depend on Cliffside to deliver those products fast. Contractors may also need a large quantity of hardware to be consistent with other projects or to stay on top of a long list of tasks. They will benefit from the efficiency and savings our trade program offers.
  • Kitchen dealers: Our experienced sales representatives make the entire process simple and speedy so that kitchen dealers can meet project deadlines with ease. Our signature suite collections help showrooms create a cohesive look that's both durable and timeless. As trade program members, dealers can save big when ordering hardware styles they know their clients love.
  • Architects: Architects who design homes that are innovative and elegant will benefit from our trade program. They'll not only save on the details that matter, but they'll also have access to excellent and consistent customer service every step of the way.
  • Custom cabinet manufacturers: No matter what style cabinet a client requests we have the perfect hardware to make their vision a reality. Cabinetmakers can find inspiration for new cabinet designs as they browse our products, and they'll save on the hardware they need to make their cabinets functional and stunning.

Browse Our Wholesale Hardware Today

We're excited to welcome you to our Cliffside Trade Program so you can start adding beautiful, quality details to your design project or showroom. You'll fall in love with our wholesale discounts, and your clients will thank you for choosing the highest-quality hardware for their doors, cabinets and drawers. Clients will be especially impressed by your ability to fulfill their style needs with speed. As a trade program member, you'll have the opportunity to explore all of our wholesale products, including:

  • Wholesale knobs: Browse our huge assortment of cabinet knobs, from delicately designed antique brass knobs to contemporary polished chrome knobs.
  • Wholesale pulls: Find the ideal drawer pull to complement any room. Check out our suite collections to tie rooms together and create a unified look. Our pulls are perfect for appliances, cabinets and drawers. You can choose from brass suites like Cliffside's Classic Suite, available in solid brass or zinc, or more detailed hardware like our polished ornamental Oceano Suite.
  • Wholesale handles: Explore our large collection of cabinet handles to find the perfect finishing touch to a client's bathroom or kitchen. Clients will adore their new kitchen cabinets with the addition of elegant handles, and they'll look forward to spending time in their newly renovated space.
  • Wholesale hinges: Find the best hinges to match or accent other hardware for your doors and cabinets. You and your clients will enjoy the feel and smooth movement our sturdy hinges provide. If you choose one of our hardware suites, you can save yourself time, trouble and money because hinges are included in each suite. Our solid brass hinges last for years and not only look amazing but are built to withstand repeated use.
  • Wholesale latches: A stylish latch adds a nice touch to cabinets in any home and serves the purpose of keeping a cabinet sealed tight. If you're looking for a variety of functional, durable and sophisticated latches, you've come to the right place.
  • Wholesale door hardware: Whether your client wants a custom door knocker to match their style or to seamlessly blend in with other homes in their neighborhood, we have what they need. Our brass door hinges are built to stand up to the elements and regular use, so clients won't have to worry about rusty hinges. From elegant door levers to quality doorbell buttons, we help you turn ordinary doorway experiences into something special.
  • Wholesale sinks and faucets: Our newest additions of sinks and faucets to the list of partnered brands now give you a one-stop shopping experience to outfit your entire kitchen. Top brands are available in a range of different styles to give you a wide variety of options.

Not a Cliffside Trade Program Member? Sign up today!cliffside history

Why wait and continue to pay regular customer prices when you can enjoy exclusive discounts as a trade professional?

Like you, we know turning a house into a home comes down to the details and share your professional commitment to excellence. For over 30 years, we've been helping industry professionals serve their clients' needs with unparalleled quality and support. We understand the importance great hardware has in a home's design and are excited to help you make your clients' dreams come true.

As a Cliffside Trade Program member, you'll enjoy many benefits such as:

  • Discount pricing
  • Request free samples
  • Superior and unlimited customer service and support
  • Exclusive deals
  • Fast and reliable delivery times
  • Free ground shipping on orders over $1,000
  • Products delivered in perfect condition, guaranteed
  • Easy online order tracking
  • Quick, professional responses to inquiries or concerns
  • High-quality hardware
  • Thousands of our own hardware pieces in stock
  • A wide variety of styles to choose from
  • Innovative thinking and our corporate desire to grow

When it comes to hardware for home builders, we make it easy to find the perfect match. You have our full Cliffside support from start to finish. We strive to build a lasting relationship with our customers — without which, our hardware itself would only be a dream. Make your business dream a reality and join our Cliffside Trade Program today.

For those who are looking to join a retail program, we have space in our family for you! Sign up below to find out how you can become a Cliffside Industries dealer.

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