Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware Suite

Stainless Steel Suite

If it seems to you that the world has fallen head over heels for stainless steel, you’d be correct! Stainless steel is an extremely sought-after material for numerous reasons.

First, it’s resilient. That means a stainless steel manufactured product is destined to last. Secondly, it has a modern appeal. Ultra-modern designers love working with stainless steel for its aesthetic properties. Lastly, it gives a sense of elegance and luxury to any space. Even though stainless steel is completely affordable — as in the case of our stainless steel cabinet handles, drawer pulls and other hardware — it still looks as if it were pricier!

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T305-50-BNA Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Knob


T366-128-BNA 128mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


D91-600-BNA 20"cc Bow-Style Stainless Steel Refrigerator Pull


T311-96-BNA 96mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-128-BNA 128mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-160-BNA 160mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-192-BNA 192mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-224-BNA 224mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-320-BNA 320mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T366-96-BNA 96mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-96-BNA 96mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-128-BNA 128mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


D85D49-24-SS 16"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D54-14-SS 6"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


T565-30-BNA Stainless Steel Cabinet Knob


T6312-25-BNA Stainless Steel Cabinet Knob


T305-192-BNA 192mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-242-BNA 242mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-160-BNA 160mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-384-BNA 384mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


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When your design project requires hardware with a contemporary edge, browse the Cliffside Industries, Ltd. collection of stainless steel cabinet hardware. Our Stainless Steel Suite is available in a variety of finishes and styles for cabinets and appliances large and small. Because this hardware suite is crafted from true stainless steel instead of cheaper materials, you'll never have to worry about durability. Plus, it’s easy to clean when you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Where to Use Your Stainless Steel Hardware

While there are no hard and fast rules indicating where to use stainless steel hardware, we know you might be looking for ideas. Below are some of the places that other homeowners — and business owners — have used stainless steel drawer pulls, cabinet handles and similar items:

  • In a contemporary-looking kitchen — This could be a kitchen in private house or even the kitchen area used by company employees at a business location. Stainless steel is extremely hard-working, and its shininess tends to draw the eye. However, it doesn’t take away from the other elements of the space, which is important to many customers who want the stainless steel cabinet hardware they choose to complement the design of their food preparation and eating space, rather than stand out on its own.
  • In a powder room or half-bath area — Guests to a home typically use the half-bath or powder room, and it becomes a frequently visited spot. Keeping it clean is always a priority, and stainless steel cabinet pulls tend to keep their gloss. They require minimal cleaning thanks to their smooth surfaces.
  • In the laundry room or similar work area — If you have cabinets, you have a need for cabinet hardware! However, the hardware that comes with the cabinets isn’t always suitable to your taste or the ambiance of the room. In those cases, stainless steel cabinet hardware can provide a pleasant upgrade even to basic cabinets.

Where will you use your stainless steel hardware purchased through Cliffside Industries? Remember that you can enjoy different sizes and shapes of all the stainless steel items offered at our site. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, feel free to give us a call. We’re here to assist you and make your next project gleam!

The Details About Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

The contemporary Stainless Steel Hardware Suite is available in a brushed natural finish. Crafted from stainless steel material, not aluminum or carbon steel, this collection contains two distinct styles of cabinet and drawer pulls. Each pull style is available in multiple finishes: the T305 with 13; and the T366 with 6. Three knob styles are available in this collection, including one to coordinate directly with the T305 series. The D85 series pulls, with their 1-inch diameter bar, are designed for small and large appliances, with sizes ranging from 14 inches to 64 inches in overall length.

Whichever series you choose, the Stainless Steel cabinet hardware suite will provide the ideal finishing touch for your contemporary design project. Also, when your order totals more than $1,000, Cliffside Industries is pleased to offer complimentary ground shipping.

Put Our Reputation to Work for You
Cliffside Industries, Ltd. began in 1987 with one man and one knob. Since then, our family-owned and operated business has grown to include a diverse range of high quality cabinet hardware products, including the Stainless Steel cabinet hardware suite. Renowned in the industry for superior customer service and outstanding attention to detail, we are proud of our reputation for providing high quality products crafted from high quality materials.

Browse our online catalog and discover why our Stainless Steel Suite and other home cabinet hardware make us a top choice of designers, builders, remodelers and kitchen and bath dealers everywhere. Our goal is to serve the hardware needs of customers who desire ageless, elegant products constructed with precision and delivered with careful attention. Whether your design project is large or small, Cliffside Industries, Ltd. can provide the finishing touches that will make your project stand out. Let us serve your needs today.