D85 Stainless Steel Appliance Handles

D85 Series

The D85 series stainless steel appliance pulls range in sizes from 14 inches (6-inch center-to-center) to 64 inches (56-inch center-to-center) in overall length. These handles can fit refrigerators of all sizes and coordinate well with the T305 series stainless steel bar pulls.

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D85D49-24-SS 16"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D50-30-SS 22"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D51-44-SS 36"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D54-14-SS 6"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D53-64-SS 56"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


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Finding the Right Stainless Steel Appliance Handles for Your Refrigerator

Refrigerators come with handles, but you shouldn’t settle for the only available option. Our specially crafted handles can improve the appearance of this appliance, which makes a natural focal point for any kitchen. Refrigerators are large — usually the biggest thing in the kitchen. You want yours to look as nice as possible while also still remaining functional.

New stainless steel appliance handles can improve the look and function of a refrigerator in many ways:

  • If you have an older appliance, new handles can give it a refreshed look
  • Handles get a lot of use — swapping out old ones can give your refrigerator a longer life and put off needing to buy a new appliance.
  • Getting rid of handles in black or another boring color.

You can choose the size of appliance handle you would like, as well. We have skinny and fatter options. You may have had a thin pull before and want to see how a wider one would change the look of the refrigerator. There could also be practical reasons to change out your handles that go beyond aesthetics. If you are a homeowner with young children, you may need a different grip style or one that stands up to the wear and tear of little hands more effectively.

Invest in the Style of Your Kitchen With Stainless Steel Appliance Handles

You cannot overestimate the value of having a kitchen and home where your hardware looks uniform. It establishes your sense of sophistication and makes every room more appealing. Great design is partly about anticipation, and when you choose cohesive hardware, you give the eye something to successfully anticipate in each room.

You may think an appliance handle is a small detail, and you’re right. But small details set the tone for the rest of the house, and people are impressed when they are given just as much attention as big details. It shows your commitment to a project.

Invest in the Superior Craftsmanship of Cliffside Industries Hardware

At Cliffside, we understand the importance of making the very best handles, knobs, switchplates and more. Our family-owned and -operated company has been in business since 1987, and since then, we have focused on two core ideas:

  • Sell only the best products: We only partner with top brands and we use solid materials in our products that will stand the test of time and won’t wear down from everyday use.
  • Provide the best customer service: We go above and beyond in every interaction with our customers, always giving them the information they need and finding answers to any of their questions.

We offer a 180-day warranty on every new item you buy from us, because we want you to be happy with your purchase. You also receive free shipping on all orders of more than $1,000, so it pays to browse our catalog to find other hardware you like in addition to our stainless steel appliance pulls. Reach out to us today and we will get you all the knobs, pulls, door accents and more you need for your next project.