Classic Suite Art Deco Handles: B1-5 & Z1-5 Series

B1-5 Series

Are you searching for a slightly longer center cabinet handle for your latest project? Contractors, home builders, cabinet makers and other professionals trust the artistry and durability of Cliffside Industries' 5-inch Classic Deco Handles. With an excellent blend of practicality and attractiveness, they make a terrific addition to bathroom, kitchen and other cabinets.

The B1-5 and Z1-5 handles are both 5-inch center cabinet handles from the Classic Suite. The solid brass B1-5 is available in 10 finishes. The Cliffside Choice Z1-5 in top-quality zinc is available in 8 finishes.

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Z1-5-AB Cliffside Choice Antique Brass 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-PC Cliffside Choice Polished Chrome 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-PN Cliffside Choice Polished Nickel 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-SS Cliffside Choice Silver Satin 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-FB 5"cc Black Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-AB 5"cc Antique Brass Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-OA 5"cc Old Antique Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-IR 5"cc Iron Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-PC 5"cc Polished Chrome Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-PN 5"cc Polished Nickel Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-SS 5"cc Silver Satin Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-VB 5"cc Venetian Bronze Classic Cabinet Pull


Bulk Pack Z1-5-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull (25 Pieces)

Regular Price: $493.75

Special Price: $104.99

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Complement the Hardware Throughout Your Home With 5-Inch Classic Deco Handles

One of the many reasons people choose our hardware is the ability to match it in all the rooms in their homes. Having handles, hinges, pulls and more made in the same design, with the same features, appeals to home buyers. They like the flow it creates when hardware looks similar. We offer an easy way to do that for you.

We sell much of our hardware in collections, such as the Classic Suite that includes our 5-inch Classic Deco Handles. These pieces all share similar design elements and are all made with the superior craftsmanship Cliffside Industries is known for. You can choose the same finish for all of your hardware, too, such as:

  • Old Copper Classic
  • Black Classic
  • Polished Brass

Every item in our collections also demonstrates the sturdiness you desire in hardware. You want pieces you can use over the coming years. You don't want to have to replace anything, because it's a tedious process. By investing in Cliffside Industries products, you make it easier for yourself down the line.

Where Can You Use Our 5-Inch Classic Deco Handles?

These handles work virtually anywhere in the home. Perhaps you are remodeling your master bathroom and you want several center drawers to keep your toiletries in. Maybe you have always dreamed of a kitchen island that features center drawers. Or you may even have cabinets in the garage with old hardware you want to swap out.

Our 5-Inch Classic Deco Handles work well in all these situations and more. Many people buy them to finish an antique restoration they have been working on, such as:

  • Refurbishing an old dresser
  • Repairing a wardrobe with drawers
  • Fixing up a coffee table

You may still have the old hardware attached to these projects, but it makes more sense to replace it. The hardware we sell comes in a range of different finishes, many of them with an antique appearance, such as Antique Brass or Iron. They will provide a sturdy way to open your restored furniture while still looking authentic.

Choose Cliffside Industries for Your Cabinet Handles

Cliffside Industries has sold hardware to discerning professionals and non-professionals for more than 30 years. When customers need reliable yet attractive handles, switch plate covers, doorbell ringers and more, they turn to us. With all this time in the industry, we know which items to suggest and which will enhance a home's appearance. We even give our customers free ground shipping on orders of more than $1,000 and warranties for the first 180 days after purchase.

Are you ready to improve the look and function of your cabinets? Contact us today to learn more about your options for 5-inch Classic Deco Handles and other hardware.