AHI Series Solid Brass Armoire Hinges

AHI Series

The AHI series solid brass hinges are designed for 3/4-inch doors. A non-mortise hinge, the AHI is used for large, inset applications such as pantry doors, entertainment centers, or long doors where a highly decorative look is specified. These hinges measure nearly 6 inches in overall length and are "handed" left and right. 11 finishes are available for a variety of styles.

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AHI-FB-LEFT Black 6" Inset Non-Mortise Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip


AHI-FB-RIGHT Black 6" Inset Non-Mortise Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip


AHI-OC-LEFT Old Copper 6" Inset Non-Mortise Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip

Regular Price: $37.50

Special Price: $17.99


AHI-PC-LEFT Polished Chrome 6" Inset Non-Mortise Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip

Regular Price: $37.50

Special Price: $17.99


AHI-PC-RIGHT Polished Chrome 6" Inset Non-Mortise Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip

Regular Price: $37.50

Special Price: $17.99

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Make Your Doors Stronger With New Armoire Hinges

Are you restoring an old buffet for your dining room? Adding a pantry during a remodel or refurbishing a friend’s old entertainment center? New hinges can bring new life to an old door and ensure a new one lasts for years to come. You can swap out most hinges easily without having to remove the door, too. The aim of new hinges should be to improve the functionality of the armoire or whatever you are restoring or remodeling.

Why Choose Our Armoire Hinges?

The single most important attribute of a hinge is its durability. You need hinges that will stand up to repeated opening and closing of doors — sometimes dozens of times in a single day. When you purchase hinges, you want to know they can offer that sort of reliability, because you don’t want to replace them repeatedly.

Cliffside Industries’ armoire hinges boast the superior craftsmanship you will find in all of the products we sell. They provide unmatched strength and are manufactured to the highest standards. We understand that our reputation rests on the high quality of the products we sell, so we ensure you get the best possible hinge when you buy from us.

Exceptional sturdiness isn’t the only reason to purchase our hinges, though. You may not have given much thought to the appearance of a hinge, but that is another key aspect to finding the right one. You need the hinge to blend into wherever you use it. A hinge should never be a focal point of a door. It should complement the wood or other material the door is made of and look as though it was designed to be part of it.

Find the Right Armoire Hinge Finish to Match Your Doors

We offer a wide range of armoire hinge finishes to complement any type of door. You can choose from:

  • Venetian Bronze
  • Dark Antique Brass
  • Iron
  • Old Copper
  • Polished Chrome

Does your door have existing hardware? You may want to swap it out for knobs or handles that match the armoire hinges. We have a full assortment of hardware for doors you can browse to find the perfect fit. Finding all-new hardware can give an older door an updated look and it improves the appearance of any door to have uniform hardware. It pulls everything together and keeps old knobs from looking out of place.

Get in Touch With Cliffside Industries Today to Discover the Best New Armoire Hinges

Since 1987, Cliffside has been providing exceptional hardware to professional builders, designers, contractors and more, as well as residential property owners. Our family-owned company provides second-to-none customer service that helps us stand out from our competition. We give you the personal attention you deserve throughout the buying process. We also offer:

  • 180-day warranties on all products
  • Free ground shipping on orders over $1,000

Are you ready to move forward on your restoration project or remodel? Get the armoire hinges you need from Cliffside Industries. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how we can assist you with your purchase.