97015 Series Breadboard Knob

97015 Series

One of the handiest accessories you can add to your kitchen is a pull-out bread board or cutting board. Designed to give a quick and temporary extension of your workspace in a snap, you can't actually use a pull-out bread board unless you have a way to get access to it. That's where breadboard knobs come in.

A breadboard knob is designed to screw directly into the finished cutting board. Since these are usually made of wood already, all that's required to make that work is a double-ended screw. On one end, the machine-screw portion (flat-ended, like a bolt) screws into the back of the breadboard knob. On the other side, the self-tapping (sharp-pointed) end will screw directly into the wood of the bread board, giving you an unobtrusive but handy handle to pull out the cutting board from its hiding place under the counter.

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97015-AB Antique Brass Breadboard Knob


97015-PB Polished Brass Breadboard Knob


97015-SS Silver Satin Breadboard Knob


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Invest in High-Quality Breadboard Knobs

Adding a pull-out cutting board to your kitchen provides an excellent way to customize the room. Pull-outs produce so many conveniences for the cook:

  • They save valuable counter space where your breadboard would otherwise go
  • They give you an extra spot to do your cutting while you are using the rest of the counter for other things
  • They clean up in a flash
  • They can be pushed back under the counter and out of sight in an instant

Of course, to use the breadboard properly, you need to be able to pull it out of the counter with ease. This is where the importance of buying a high-quality breadboard knob comes into play. You want something reliable that will stay attached to your breadboard. If you purchase lesser-quality breadboard knobs, you run the risk they will break or fall out, which will make it difficult to pull out the cutting board.

While it's certainly not impossible to access the board without a knob, it's a lot more annoying and inconvenient. Whether you are remodeling or designing a new home, convenience should be one of your most important aims. Buying high-quality breadboard knobs from Cliffside Industries will save you so much hassle in the long run.

Durable Breadboard Knobs You Can Use for Years to Come

Homeowners frequently complain when they have to replace things in their home, especially if that home has been built or renovated recently. They want hardware that will last, so they do not have to go to the store and replace it. They appreciate when home builders and contractors rely on the highest-quality products, which will last for years to come. This saves the homeowners that trip to the store.

The breadboard knobs sold by Cliffside Industries are made from the finest materials. They stand up to long-term use. You can pull the cutting board in and out multiple times every day, and our knobs will be no worse for wear.

Plus, when you buy breadboard knobs from us, you can also find a wide range of other hardware available that matches the look and style. Imagine outfitting a home in knobs and pulls that complement one another, giving your home a sleek, uniform look that will appeal to future home buyers. Just a few of our other hardware accessory options include:

  • Bath and door hardware
  • Interior accents
  • Bin pulls

Breadboard Knobs to Match Any Style of Kitchen

Cliffside's 97015 series breadboard knobs are designed to coordinate with any kitchen style. Their small, delicate design is simple and round, with gentle curves that are equally at home with contemporary or traditional styles. They are also available in three finishes to match many kitchen colors. Seeking a traditional kitchen? The 97015-PB is available in polished brass to coordinate with traditional style. Creating an island with a more transitional bent? Our dark antique brass finish is similar to an oil rubbed bronze color. Oh, you're on a contemporary kick? Choose the 97015-SS in Silver Satin for a brushed nickel breadboard knob.

Cliffside Industries: Providing the Best Customer Service Since 1987

As a family-owned and -operated company, we have made customer service our focus since we opened more than 30 years ago. We believe in meeting every need for our customers and even going beyond what's expected. That's why we offer things such as free ground shipping on orders of more than $1,000 and 180-day warranties on all new purchases.

Whatever you are looking for, we can assist you with. We are always happy to go that extra mile, to answer your questions and address any way we could make your experience with us even better.

No matter your style of kitchen, Cliffside Industries has breadboard knobs to match it. If you're on the hunt for these tiny trimmings for your kitchen, ours simply can't be beat.