158 & Z158 Round Craftsman Cabinet Knobs

158 Series

The round 158 series cabinet knob is available in either solid brass or zinc materials. From the Artisan Suite, this knob can be successfully used with any Cliffside hardware collection. It features an attached wide backplate and a rounded face.

Z158: Cliffside Choice high-quality zinc

The Z158 knob, available in eight finishes, is the value-priced version of the original 158. Cast from solid zinc, our Cliffside Choice hardware is finished to the same quality as our brass and offers a savings averaging 30% across our entire line. The baseplate of the Z158 knob is flat due to manufacturing processes.

158: solid brass

The solid brass 158 is available in eight finishes. Its wide backplate and round face make it an ideal choice when picking hardware for a kitchen or bath where you need to cover older holes.

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Z158-FB Cliffside Choice Black Cabinet Knob


Z158-PN Cliffside Choice Polished Nickel Cabinet Knob


Z158-PC Cliffside Choice Polished Chrome Cabinet Knob


158-AB Antique Brass Cabinet Knob


Z158-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob

Regular Price: $10.75

Special Price: $8.25


Z158-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Cabinet Knob


158-FB Black Cabinet Knob


158-OA Old Antique Cabinet Knob


158-OC Old Copper Cabinet Knob


158-PB Polished Brass Cabinet Knob


158-PC Polished Chrome Cabinet Knob


158-PN Polished Nickel Cabinet Knob


158-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


158-VB Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Bulk Pack Z158-PC Cliffside Choice Polished Chrome Cabinet Knob (25 Pieces)

Regular Price: $268.75

Special Price: $65.99

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Seek Out the Style You Love With Our Round Craftsman Knobs

What first drew you to design? Maybe you have been a professional builder for decades and you have a firm idea of what you like. Perhaps you are a novice cabinetmaker just learning how to turn your visions into reality. Or you may be a homeowner undertaking a remodel whose only real desire is to change what's in place in your kitchen or bathroom right now.

Whatever your reason for entering the world of design, you have a unique opportunity to show off your style with your hardware choices.

We know how exciting it is to have this chance. You can decide what looks best in your space or on your cabinets, and every choice you make enhances your look. We know everyone has different tastes, and that's why you will find such wide-ranging choices for our round craftsman knobs.

We provide a number of different finishes so you can find the one that meshes with your style. From classic to contemporary, we have knobs to match any look. While all of our hardware is made using a traditional approach, it still fits right in with any sort of decor, including country or modern. Our finishes include:

  • Antique Brass
  • Iron
  • Old Antique
  • Silver Satin

Outstanding Craftsmanship of Our Round Craftsman Knobs

At Cliffside Industries, we admit to being a little picky. We won't sell anything unless we know it has been made to the most exacting standards. Our customers expect the best from us and we want to meet those high expectations. We only stock hardware made with superior craftsmanship. This means each piece is put together carefully with the aim of lasting for years to come.

Whether you buy pieces made by us or the manufacturers we partner with, they all use superlative materials in constructing each piece of hardware. We want the knobs you buy for your home or cabinets to stand the test of time. Our hardware's impressive durability makes it a favorite among professionals and homeowners.

Plus, when you purchase from Cliffside Industries, you can find a range of complementary hardware for use elsewhere in the home, too. This can give you a uniform appearance across rooms that potential buyers will love. Choose from our other products, including:

  • Register covers
  • Bin pulls
  • Cabinet latches
  • Door knobs

Cliffside Industries: A Name You Can Trust for Hardware

For more than three decades, Cliffside Industries has sold hardware to busy design professionals as well as homeowners undertaking improvements. Our family-owned and -operated business has always put a premium on providing the best customer service. We aren't happy until you are happy, and we will do anything to assist you in your purchase journey, including giving you free ground shipping on orders of more than $1,000 and offering a 180-day warranty on all new purchases.

Browse our catalog to check out our catalog of hardware from a range of top manufacturers. Then give us a call to begin your order.