Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Cliffside Industries offers a variety of different types of kitchen cabinet hardware. At the forefront of our line are our cabinet suites, made up of top-quality zinc and solid brass cabinet hardware and other high-quality materials such as stainless steel and forged European bronze. Cliffside has eight distinct product lines encompassing a wide range of product types and styles.

Cabinet Knobs

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet knobDecorative cabinet knobs are attached to the door or drawer by a single screw. These are available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes. Solid brass cabinet knobs are among Cliffside's most timeless and enduring items. Our cabinet hardware finishes include such popular colors as brushed nickel, black cabinet knobs, and polished nickel knobs. We also sell a variety of crystal knobs, marble knobs, breadboard knobs and novelty cabinet knobs.

Cliffside's product line does not stop at the kitchen, however. Our quality cabinet knobs can be used in the bath or on high-quality decorative furniture. The versatility of our solid brass knobs cannot be overstated. Simple and traditional designs can find a place in any room and in any home.

For more information, you can read our guide to Cliffside cabinet knobs, or you can shop our knob collection.

Cabinet Latches

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet latchCliffside's kitchen cabinet latches are both functional and decorative. Two styles are available: the ice box latches, which offer a unique lever action and elegant design; and the brass cabinet latches with the turn knob on the top, a classic and timeless design. Each cabinet door latch is available in 10 finishes.

Cupboard latches serve a dual purpose. First, they add a decorative accent to any cabinet. The ice box latch is a particularly poignant choice as a conversation starter or an eye-catching element for cabinets. For dark cabinets, order an Iron or an Old Antique cabinet latch; these finishes will blend well with darker woods and add a rustic feel. For white cabinets, choose a lighter color such as Polished Nickel or Silver Satin.

Second, cabinet latches serve a specific function. While they are not designed as a safety device nor as locks, they do secure the cabinets on which they are installed, holding them shut by means of a tongue-and-catch mechanism. This can forestall the possibility of little fingers getting into cabinets where they do not belong.

Learn more about our latches by visiting our informational page, or you can purchase latches from our wide array.

Cabinet Handles

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet pullCliffside's line of kitchen cabinet pulls is one of our most versatile collections of products. Pulls are mounted by more than one screw, and are usually categorized by a measurement called 'center-to-center', which measures the distance between the screw holes used to attach the pull to a drawer or cabinet.

Our standard cabinet pulls measure 3 inches and 5 inches on center. These sizes comprise most of our solid brass cabinet pulls, as well as our traditional handles from the zinc Cliffside Choice line. Our Sedona Suite and our contemporary suites feature drawer pulls of 4 inches and 6 inches on center, and the stainless steel cabinet hardware we offer has sizes from 96 millimeters all the way up to more than 36 inches! Other popular sizes include 2.5 inches (or 64 mm), 128 mm, and 192 mm.

These cabinet hardware pulls can be used in the kitchen, but are also versatile enough to be used throughout the home. All of the solid brass drawer pulls are gathered into hardware suites: collections of decorative hardware that are unified by one or more design elements. These suites can facilitate a truly harmonious kitchen design.

You can shop our collection of cabinet pulls here on our site, or you can learn more about our cabinet pull offerings.

Appliance Pulls

Oil rubbed bronze appliance pull (partial)Our hardware suites also include appliance handles, appropriate for use on refrigerators or other appliances, like dishwashers, that are mounted with a custom wood panel kit on the front. Because Cliffside's cabinet hardware line is organized in suites, your fine custom cabinetry with quality cabinet hardware can now be matched by your high-end appliances with matching refrigerator handles.

Refrigerator handles are usually much thicker than regular pulls. This is because they must be strong enough to overcome the repeated suction of a magnetized refrigerator door over a wide range of daily uses. Because of this, refrigerator pulls are load-tested and are often much heavier than a standard cabinet pull. They will also have a much larger center-to-center measurement, usually 12 inches or more. Cliffside's solid brass appliance pulls measure 12 inches on center, with 50 possible options to choose from when considering style and finish.

The Sedona suite of forged bronze pulls features an 18-inch refrigerator pull in the 3409 series, and the 12-inch 3408 series can also work for a variety of appliances. In stainless steel, Cliffside offers six sizes of the D85 series bar pulls, ranging from 14 inches to 64 inches in length.

For smaller appliances, like dishwashers, trash compactors, freezer and refrigerator drawers, and others, Cliffside Industries offers the 8-inch center crossover appliance pull. These appliance handles are smaller and lighter than a 12-inch solid brass appliance pull, but are load-tested to be just as strong and versatile enough to be used on large pantries or oversized cabinets, in addition to your appliances.

You can shop for Cliffside appliance pulls, or learn more about the refrigerator pulls we offer.

Bin Pulls

Oil rubbed bronze cup pullBin pulls, also known as cup pulls, are a special type of handle characterized by their shape. Usually a half-circle or semi-ellipse, cup pull handles are usually opened from beneath, as they are only open for gripping in one direction, rather than two like a standard decorative pull handle.

Most of Cliffside's standard cup pulls measure three inches center-to-center; however, we have a variety in other sizes, such as 2.5 inches, 3.5 inches, and 4 inches.

Many cup pulls are part of Cliffside's hardware suites, and therefore possess a unified design element that coordinates with other cabinet hardware. For example, the K544 antique brass drawer pulls coordinate with the K344 series decorative handles with their rope design. The B602 series cup handles resemble antique bin pulls with their faux screw that matches the B622 series cabinet drawer pulls.

You can shop our collection of cup pulls.

Solid Brass Hinges

Oil rubbed bronze cabinet hingeCliffside Industries' line of cabinet hinges for inset cabinets and offset doors is unmatched in quality and variety. Most cabinet hinge types offer a minimum of eleven available finishes. All of our brass hinges are heavy-duty and designed with strength in mind. Each brass hinge is extruded through a die, rather than being stamped from a sheet of metal. This means a longer life for your hinge, your cabinets, and your kitchen. These European hinges are, quite simply, the industry's best.