Cabinet Hardware Materials

High-quality cabinet hardware is made from solid materials such as solid brass, bronze, pewter, stainless steel, crystal, and marble. Cliffside's fine hardware collections are primarily made from high-quality materials such as these. We also offer a variety of other materials like zinc, polyester, and other choices. Lesser-quality materials, such as aluminum and carbon steel are not a part of the Cliffside product line. Below, you will see a list of our materials with some examples of the products offered.

Solid brass material

Solid brass cabinet hardware makes up over half of the Cliffside Industries product line. Our five solid brass hardware suites feature the company's flagship items and styles. We offer 14 styles of knobs, 5 styles of cabinet handles and appliance pulls, a variety of cup and bin pulls, and our industry-leading line of solid brass cabinet hinges in inset and offset styles. All of our solid brass items are available in a minimum of 10 signature finishes to provide the industry's most comprehensive collection. The brass in cabinet hardware is made up of approximately 60% copper, the remainder of the alloy being made from zinc and other trace metals such as tin.

Bronze material

The Sedona Suite, although a unified style, is actually made up of two material categories. The primary material for all of the hardware in this collection is bronze, a durable and sturdy metal that is an alloy of copper and tin. Over time, bronze forms a natural patina, turning the metal a dark, dull color and provides a protective layer preventing sub-surface oxidation. The metal in the Antique Iron and Antique Silver finishes is bronze blended with pewter, which creates the gray tones. The materials of these items are the same all the way to the core so they are strong and less susceptible to chips in the finish.

Stainless steel material

"Stainless steel" is a general name for a number of different steels used primarily for their anti-corrosive element. It is also an earth friendly material: it can be melted down and recycled. Stainless steel cabinet hardware is made using chromium, nickel, and nitrogen. A minimum chromium content of 10.5% makes the steel "stainless". Chromium improves corrosion resistance by forming a chromium oxide film on the steel. Stainless steel can be self-repairing, is both strong and flexible, has a longer lifespan than products made of other materials and has less maintenance cost. All of Cliffside Industries' stainless steel cabinet hardware is completed with a brushed finish, not polished.

Crystal material

Cliffside offers a wide variety of crystal cabinet knobs. Most have up to eight base finishes from which to choose, and some come in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes. The crystal for these knobs is cut in Germany and the hardware is assembled in the United States. Cliffside also has a line of lead crystal cabinet hardware that includes elements from famed Austrian manufacturer Swarovski AG. Crystals are different from glass because their molecules are lined up in a regular fashion. They are often distinguished from other polymorphous materials by their facets: the wide, even cuts and smooth faces that come from careful cutting and shaping.

Marble material

Mined in quarries around the world, marble comes in a wide range of colors, species, and variations. The naturally-occurring striations in each piece give marble cabinet hardware a unique coloration and character. With cabinet knobs and pulls available, the species and shades of marble offered by Cliffside include such colorful names as Verde Guatemala (green), Perlato Sicilia (beige), Nero Marquinia (black), Rosso Alicante (reddish-brown), and Bianco Carrara, the world-famous white marble.

Zinc material

Cliffside Industries' solid zinc cabinet hardware is available in two of our product lines. Most of our builders' hardware knobs and pulls, available in four or more finishes, are made from zinc material through a process called "die casting". Many of our novelty hardware items are also made from zinc. Zinc is a popular hardware material because of its malleability, its softness when heated, and its material cost. It can be transformed into almost any shape.

Pewter material

Pewter is a blended metal made from tin and other trace elements such as copper and antimony. Because it is mostly tin, it is soft and can be melded into a variety of shapes. Cliffside's varieties of pewter cabinet hardware (not to be confused with items in the pewter finish, many of which are made from zinc) are part of our novelty hardware collection, including nautical hardware, as well as knobs and pulls relating to trees and leaves.

Glass material

While some glass hardware can be poor quality and easily broken, Cliffside Industries has paired with high-quality suppliers of kiln-fired glass products to ensure a consistent, colorful, and beautiful result. Our glass knobs and pulls from Grace White are designed to give your kitchen or bath the perfect visual accent.

Stone material

Cliffside's new river rock cabinet knobs is the line with the most variation. There are a wide range of stones from which to choose, with a variety of colors and sizes.

Wood material

Cliffside Industries offers wood knobs in two species (flat grain maple and cherry) and in two different styles. These knobs are perfect for use on cabinetry fronts when the customer does not desire the hardware to stand out, as they can be stained or painted to match the cabinet color. These wooden knobs are also popular for furniture pieces such as dressers and armoires.