Cliffside Industries Hardware Catalog

Our most current literature was released in September of 2016. You can view the full catalog, brochure, and retail pricing guide below in electronic format. Please note that our full 60-page catalog is intended for use in dealerships, showrooms, and by other trade accounts. For literature to hand out to customers, we provide the 32-page brochure which highlights all of the offerings in our stock hardware line. If you need to request literature for your use, please visit the "Contact Us" page and fill out the form. Retail consumers may request a copy of our brochure; to view the full catalog, please use the electronic copy below.

Every business’ story begins with a dream—a vision for what might be. The story of Cliffside Industries is no different. In 1987, founder Walter Zaleskie dreamt of a bold creation: the kitchen and bath industry’s first company dedicated solely to the supply and distribution of decorative cabinetry hardware. Armed with his vision to provide inspired hardware products of extraordinary quality and value, Walter built personal relationships with both suppliers and customers, revolutionizing the quality expectations of an entire industry.

Cliffside’s hardware line has grown to include over five thousand items from suppliers around the globe. We work with only the finest makers and craftsmen to develop our products. Our line is anchored at our roots: the traditionally styled cabinet knobs, handles, and bin pulls that are still among our top sellers today. New trends and new partners spur us as innovators to expand our offering through transitional design to the latest in contemporary and modern style. Our commitments to quality, value, building relationships, and innovation fuel our expansion into the international supplier we are today.

Full catalog: 2016 edition


Committed to innovation, Cliffside has always been a leader in creating new and inspired hardware designs to remain at the forefront of our industry. We were the first to introduce and patent the concept of a “non-mortising” inset cabinet hinge; the first to design and create decorative handles specifically for use on paneled refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances; and the first to organize, expand, and engineer our product line into fully functional hardware design suites – allowing manufacturers and designers to coordinate hardware throughout an entire room, floor, or home. Our staff engineers specialize in the creation of cutting-edge new designs, enabling us to expand our product line rapidly and resourcefully.

Superior customer service is the vanguard of our entire operation, leading the way in the development of continuous and mutually beneficial relationships between Cliffside and its national dealer network. Our expert inside sales representatives have an average tenure of nearly 15 years with the company, endowing them with a skill set well beyond ordinary which can only come with experience. This expertise and efficiency enables us to dispatch your in-stock orders quickly, and it’s why we still answer our phones live when you call: no computer system can address your concerns like we can.

Customer brochure & retail pricing guide: 2016 edition


At the very heart of our company, quality defines everything that we do. Our customers inspire us to hold our products, our service, and our interactions to exacting standards. This drives us to seek out the best possible partnerships from our position in the supply chain. Quality will forever be the benchmark to which we aspire. We firmly believe that value does not simply mean the cheapest price. As a function of price and quality, value is the assurance that you receive the best and longest-lasting return on your investment in our products. Cliffside was founded upon one-on-one relationships: face-to-face meetings and personal telephone calls. It’s this direct connection to each customer that still drives our business today and keeps them coming back. Our 30-year history has taught us to be adaptable and progressive: we are forward-thinking in our business practices, the design of our products, and how we present them to the marketplace. As creators of fine hardware, we foster an environment for inspiration, originality, and growth.

Product specification guide: 2016 edition

For a quick reference of specifications across our stock line, this book lists the technical drawings for our most popular items. Feel free to download and print this document at your leisure.

We are creators and distributors of the best hardware products in the world. At our core, we are a family who believes in long-lasting, valued relationships with our customers. We work in tandem with like-minded supply chain partners to provide a premium product and experience to the end consumer. We are industry visionaries with a focus on ever-changing trends, inspiring us to create new and imaginative designs. We are dedicated to enriching the relationships between our customers and consumers by providing inspired hardware products of superior quality and extraordinary value.