Heavy Duty Hinges

One of the hallmarks of heavy duty hinges is an exacting attention to detail during manufacturing. Some of the elements to look for are tolerancematerialmanufacturing process, and durability.

High tolerance

BH3A-AE hingeWhen making heavy duty hinges, Cliffside Industries' Old World craftsmen work diligently to ensure the highest possible tolerance. A high tolerance means that the hinge fit is ‘tight’: it will not have a lot of looseness or ‘play’ once installed. Kitchen cabinets that open and close smoothly over a lifetime of use are often evidence of use of a high quality hinge, like Cliffside's.

Quality hinge materials

Our heavy duty hinges are also manufactured using premium quality materials and specific manufacturing processes. Although softer than steel, brass is a higher quality material because it holds up better over a longer period of time. Its malleability allows it to be carefully crafted into shapes that allow for an exacting fit.

Manufacturing process

Brass hinges can be manufactured in two ways: they can be stamped, or they can be extruded. Stamping is a process by which holes are punched out of a sheet of solid material. In this case, a sheet of brass is rolled out flat and the pattern of a hinge is punched out of it, something like a cookie or biscuit being cut from dough. Because of the pressure exerted during the stamping process, the edges of the hinges and the holes in which screws are installed can often be brittle, leading to breakage and damage to your kitchen.

Extrusion, on the other hand, is a process by which a heated or pliable material is forced through a die to form the desired shape, such as the formation of pasta or the squeezing of icing from a piping bag. In the case of hinge manufacturing, hot brass is squeezed through a die and sliced away at exacting intervals to create an extremely heavy duty hinge. The extrusion process makes a stronger hinge because the metal is shaped in its heated form and not subject to extra stresses after it has already been manufactured.

The Importance of Finding the Right Heavy Duty Hinges

You may be wondering why hinges are so important. If you’re working on your first remodel, you may not have given them much thought before. Even if you’re a professional designer, hinges might be a detail you’ve paid little attention to in the past.

However, getting the right heavy duty hinges can make a difference in your home build or remodel. High-quality hinges:

  • Allow you to open and close doors smoothly, decreasing the wear and tear that can develop from a defective hinge
  • Provide exceptional durability, meaning you won’t have to waste money by replacing them again and again
  • Let you match hinges throughout the house, lending it a uniformity attractive to visitors and potential buyers
  • Make less noise than lower-quality hinges, which squeak every time you open a door
  • Improved privacy in rooms where people want the door to close securely and tightly, such as in bathrooms

For these reasons and so many more, the type of hinge you choose for your home matters. Investing in Cliffside Industries hinges will offer you the best long-term return on that investment.

Durable hinge finishes

Finally, if you are looking for finished heavy duty hinges, brass is the number one choice. Finishes applied to steel hinges have a tendency to powder over time, leaving dark marks on your cabinets and unsanitary metal filings on your counters and floors. Brass hinges will hold finishes better, allowing you to choose from unique colors such as polished nickel and oil rubbed bronze hinges.

The Benefits of Buying Heavy Duty Hinges From Cliffside

Since 1987, when we first opened for business, our family-owned and operated business has been focused on providing the most exceptional products, along with the best customer service in the industry. We believe our high-quality hinges set us apart from any competitors. The hinges we sell have the durability you’d expect from an industry leader. You’ll appreciate the fine craftsmanship of our products and the attention to detail on each one.

Our focus on service means you receive assistance during every step of the buying process. We can help you chose the right hinges, place your order and assure you get the quality assurance you want. Other advantages of shopping for hinges with Cliffside include:

  • Free ground shipping on orders of $800 or more
  • A 180-day warranty on all products we sell
  • Time-tested products that will make your home look and function better

Are you ready to upgrade the hardware in your existing house or embrace a high-quality product for a new build? Get in touch with Cliffside today to discuss the many options for hinges and other hardware. Remember, you can find matching knobs, pulls, handles and other hardware, as well, to complement your new hinges. We look forward to assisting you with your order!

Types of heavy duty hinges

BH2A-PN hinge BH2A-NM-OA hinge BH3A-OC hinge BH3A-NM-IR hinge 3-8-OFFSET-OB hinge AHI-VB hinge AHO-FB hinge
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