Venetian Bronze Cabinet Hardware

Venetian Bronze

The rich Venetian Bronze cabinet hardware finish is one of two oil-rubbed bronze colors offered by Cliffside Industries for our stock lines. The dark burnished bronze finish is brushed to show copper coloring, which is especially highlighted on pieces with high levels of detail and on our solid brass cup pulls.

Venetian bronze cabinet knobs and handles are also available, while solid brass hinges and appliance pulls complete the five hardware suites in VB. Oil rubbed bronze in the bath offers a unique style.

For Cliffside's other oil rubbed bronze finishes, check out Old Antique for our stock line, or see our special order lines in Oil Rubbed Bronze.

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Z602-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cup Pull


Z622-5-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 5"cc Artisan Cabinet Pull


Z622-8-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 8"cc Artisan Appliance Pull


Z622-12-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 12"cc Artisan Appliance Pull


ZP-3-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 3"cc Scroll Cabinet Pull


ZP-5-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 5"cc Scroll Cabinet Pull


ZP-8-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 8"cc Scroll Appliance Pull


ZP-12-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 12"cc Scroll Appliance Pull


ZIBCL-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Ice Box Cabinet Latch


Z622-3-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 3"cc Artisan Cabinet Pull


Z1-12-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 12"cc Classic Refrigerator Pull


Z1-8-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 8"cc Classic Appliance Pull


Z600-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Z161-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Z341-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cup Pull


Z110-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Z105-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Z100-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knob


Z1-3-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 3"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-5-VB Cliffside Choice Venetian Bronze 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


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h2>Where Can I Use Venetian Bronze Cabinet Hardware?

Venetian bronze cabinet hardware adds a unique and decorative flair to any style of cabinetry. As a dark finish, it can coordinate well as a contrasting color against light-colored kitchens or vanities, but its sometimes subtle copper highlighting can add a visual pop that's lost with other oil rubbed bronze hardware.

Choose the right Venetian bronze drawer pull, however, and it can bring a bright flash to your cabinet front. Cliffside's special “thumbprinted” bronze process ensures that you'll get a unique decorative hardware piece every time.

In the bathroom, you might find that our Venetian bronze cabinet knobs, Venetian bronze cabinet pulls, and Venetian bronze drawer pulls will give your storage style. The rich brown and copper coloring will play nicely off granite slabs such as Amarone, Colonial Cream and Juparana Persa on countertops and glass shower tiles in shades of brown and gold. To complete the look, consider solid brass faucets and gold accents throughout the space.

A Wide Range of Venetian Bronze Cabinet Knobs and Drawer Pulls

Our line of Venetian bronze cabinet pulls and knobs is unmatched. Because it's one of Cliffside's 10 suite hardware finishes, rest assured that you can find a style to fit your needs. From the sleek, art deco lines of the Classic Suite to the rustic craftsmanship of the Artisan Suite, Cliffside's Venetian bronze hardware is the best in the industry — let us prove it to you.

With several suites in different and unique styles, like rope and the traditional beaded scroll design, we've got choices to match your kitchen, with coordinated knobs, pulls, hinges, cabinet latches, and appliance handles.

Pull Your Home Together With Venetian Bronze Hardware

Professional designers know the value of having matching hardware throughout a home. It gives the house the sort of uniform appearance potential buyers want. They love seeing the same themes carried throughout every room of the house. When knobs, appliance pulls, switchplates and other items complement each other, it helps gain the trust of anyone walking through the home.

They know the builder and designer paid attention to even the smallest details. That speaks well to their ability to handle the bigger details of the home. Plus, it always benefits you to add polish to a home. Consider these ideas you can use throughout the house:

  • Bin pulls
  • Door accents
  • Cable jacks
  • Hinges
  • Cabinet knobs and handles

Commitment to Quality and Durability

We know what a hassle it is to remodel. That’s why we create our products out of top-quality materials — so they will last long enough that you won’t have to remodel again. The finishes on our solid brass hardware are up to 300 percent more durable than those on competitor’s zinc products.

When you get your Venetian Bronze cabinet pulls in the mail or choose Venetian Bronze drawer pulls at a store in our national network of dealers, it will be love at first sight and assurance at first touch. The weight alone will let you know that Cliffside’s products are solid through and through. They’ll stand up to whatever you throw at them for years to come.

Find Venetian Bronze Hardware to Match Your Distinctive Taste

Picking hardware for a home should be fun! It provides a way to put your style on display. Each choice you make sets the tone for the home. Don’t be afraid to showcase choices that are different and unique:

  • If you are remodeling your own home, these offer a way to put your own special touch on the design.
  • If you are building a home to sell, such touches set your home apart from other dwellings the potential buyers might see.

People will remember a Fox Door Knocker or a Bar-Style T Cabinet Knob — and that could help sell the home. Our hardware is memorable, certainly, but every piece is also sophisticated. You never have to worry about it going out of style. It’s traditional rather than trendy, so you will still love having these pieces in a home for years to come. They will stand the test of time in both durability and grace.

A+ Customer Service

One of the biggest advantages of buying your Venetian Bronze cabinet hardware from Cliffside is that you’ll get to work with our top-rated customer service team. Since we opened our doors nearly three decades ago, putting customers first has been our priority. We offer superior craftsmanship on every piece we sell and they all come with a 180-day warranty.