Stainless Steel Cabinet Hardware

Stainless Steel

For natural looking stainless steel stainless steel drawer handles, cabinet knobs, and appliance pulls, look no further than Cliffside's line of brushed natural stainless hardware. With multiple knob styles to choose from and handles in round, oval, square, or flat profiles, this category has one of the widest varieties in the hardware line.

As one of our most popular finishes, we’ve created an entire suite dedicated to solid stainless steel cabinet pulls, knobs, handles, and accessories. Get to know all of our sleek, sophisticated products in the line. The variety of pieces available make it easy to work them into your design. Create a comprehensive look throughout any space by using coordinating stainless steel cabinet pulls and other accessories from room to room.

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Bulk Pack T305-50-BNA Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Knob (50 Pieces)

Regular Price: $500.00

Special Price: $99.99


T6312-25-BNA Stainless Steel Cabinet Knob


D85D54-14-SS 6"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D49-24-SS 16"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D50-30-SS 22"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D51-44-SS 36"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D85D53-64-SS 56"cc Stainless Steel Appliance Pull


D91-600-BNA 20"cc Bow-Style Stainless Steel Refrigerator Pull


T311-320-BNA 320mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-224-BNA 224mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-128-BNA 128mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-96-BNA 96mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T311-192-BNA 192mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bow Pull


T366-480-BNA 480mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-592-BNA 592mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-692-BNA 692mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-448-BNA 448mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull


T305-392-BNA 392mm cc Stainless Steel Cabinet Bar Pull

Regular Price: $33.00

Special Price: $9.99

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Stainless steel cabinet handles, drawer pulls, and more

From wine refrigerators to oversized freezers, Cliffside Industries has stainless steel appliance pulls to meet your needs. We have sizes ranging from 14 inches to 64 inches, constructed from high-quality stainless steel and machined to exacting perfection. The D85 series stainless steel refrigerator handles and dishwasher pulls are versatile enough to be used for many different kitchen applications.

With our vast collection of solid stainless steel cabinet pulls and other hardware, you never have to worry about settling for less than the exact look you’re after. Wow clients with your ability to customize their kitchen and bathroom spaces or upgrade your own home using our premium knobs, handles and hinges.

You may find it difficult to find the appropriate size of steel cabinet handles needed. Here at Cliffside, we provide a generous range of brushed stainless steel refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher handles. They work hand-in-hand with our stainless steel cabinet handles, drawer pulls and other top-quality examples of metal hardware. Can’t find the size you need? Get in touch with our dedicated customer service department.

If you want to coordinate your design across multiple locations in your kitchen, check out the T305 series stainless steel kitchen cabinet pulls. Their classic contemporary T style is a perfect match for the D85 appliance handles, and the T305 series is available in up to 14 sizes to fit any cabinet or drawer. Need a small handle? Check out the T305-50 single T knob, or the standard stainless steel drawer pulls in 96mm and 128mm sizes.

Every kitchen needs high quality stainless steel cabinet hardware

The universal appeal of stainless steel drawer pulls, cabinet knobs and other pieces is undeniable. What started out as a trend has become a lasting preference in kitchen décor. It’s not hard to see why. The material is easy to match with all colors, and it presents a crisp and clean look. You can incorporate stainless steel appliances into any style of kitchen and tie in the look with drawer and cabinet doorknobs, handles, hinges and other hardware.

Best yet, these elements can be used through a property to create a comprehensive design that flows smoothly from the kitchen to every room of your home. These special finishing touches lend an air of luxury that’s hard to achieve when every space has a distinct feel.

Our line of stainless steel cabinet hardware is developed for high-use areas. It's a fact of life that kitchens get wet, so using a material like solid stainless steel makes sense. Cliffside Industries specializes in high-quality cabinet hardware made from solid materials, so it stands to reason that our stainless steel hardware collection would be of the highest quality.

It’s easy to keep stainless steel cabinet pulls and other accessories clean. Simply wipe them with a wet cloth or sanitizing cleaner. No sealing or waxing is needed to preserve the finish, and sanitizers won’t create corrosion, either. Too often, lower-quality hardware wears away quickly and begins to rust. That’s the last thing you want in your kitchen or bathroom. Stainless steel handles for cabinets make financial sense because they last.

They’re also rugged enough to withstand the daily demands of constant use. What rooms see more traffic in a home than kitchens and bathrooms? Earn yourself a name for functional and stylish renovations with lasting appeal. Always place your investments where they’ll do the most good, as when you purchase sturdy solid stainless steel cabinet and appliance hardware.

Because they’re easy to work into more than one style, stainless steel kitchen cabinet handles and knobs are also a good long-term investment. They’ll hold up to the strain of daily use for longer than you need them to. When it comes time to freshen up your kitchen design, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to reuse them. In fact, depending upon the types of appliances you own, stainless steel cabinet handles may always have a suitable place in your home.

The Special Benefits of Stainless Steel

There’s a reason this finish is so popular in today’s homes. Its slick, smooth design looks amazing with decor of many kinds. Modern, traditional, even country motifs can work well with stainless steel cabinet handles, drawer pulls, light fixtures, appliances and more. It’s also a fairly common material. If you’re ever looking for stainless steel replacement accessories, you’re sure to find them.

You can’t deny there’s an upscale appeal to the material. Since the surge in popularity of stainless steel appliances, many rivals have attempted to dethrone the finish. They haven’t lasted. The sleek, shiny aesthetic adds a modern, deluxe touch to any kitchen or bathroom. You can also place handles, drawer pulls and hinges in other areas to replace hardware on dressers, armoires, hutches and other furniture throughout a home.

Beyond aesthetics, there are several reasons stainless drawer pulls and accessories are suited to kitchen and bathroom environments. Namely, they don’t trap germs. It’s so easy to just wipe away grime without worrying about scratching or wearing away patina. Stainless steel cabinet handles, knobs, and other accessories keep you and your family safe from illness, and look great while they do it.

If you’re interested in alternatives, consider the other finishes we have available. Polished chrome, for instance, offers the same variety and easy cleaning as stainless steel. It’s also a more affordable option, and when applied to solid zinc and brass, the finish is sure to last. Softer, muted finishes are available as well, from brushed nickel and chrome and Satin Steel, they blend easily into any room while supporting a lux vibe.

Stock and Special-order Stainless Steel Hardware Options

If you're not in the market for the bar pulls in our standard stock line, check out our line of classy and elegant special-order stainless steel hardware. We have pulls available in a variety of shapes and profiles. Need a square stainless steel bar pull? We have it. Looking for a thick stainless pull for cabinets and appliances? Look no further than Cliffside.

Have a large order or need something right away? Be sure to speak to our team of customer service specialists. Our staff will help you find coordinating materials for any order. Plus, we will keep you updated on special offers, such as the free shipping available with orders of $1,000 or more.