Satin Brass Cabinet Hinges

Satin Brass

Satin Brass is essentially the same as Polished Brass, but with a brushed finish rather than a high-gloss polish. In this category, Cliffside carries only two styles of solid brass hinges and the lead crystal cabinet knobs. For more traditional styles of hardware, many customers use Polished Brass knobs and pulls in conjunction with the Satin Brass hinges.

While some people opt for concealed hinges when planning their cabinet décor, we at Cliffside Industries see hinges as a great opportunity to show off your personal style. The right high-quality, handsomely finished hinges can accent and show off a piece in a way that many other types of hardware can’t, and if you’re opting for decorative hardware on a cabinet, attractive exposed hinges are a great way to complement those finely crafted knobs and handles.

Our hinges work wonderfully with both face frame and frameless cabinets, regardless of size or type of door overlay.

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100-BS Bronze Satin Cabinet Knob


Amerock BH26541BBZ Arrondi 6 7/16" Towel Ring in Golden Champagne


Amerock BH26542BBZ Arrondi Single Robe Hook in Golden Champagne


Amerock BH26543BBZ Arrondi 18" Single Towel Bar in Golden Champagne


Amerock BH26544BBZ Arrondi 24" Single Towel Bar in Golden Champagne


Amerock BH26545BBZ Arrondi 24" Double Towel Bar in Golden Champagne


Amerock BH26546BBZ Arrondi 9" Single Towel Bar in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26201BBZ Cyprus 3"cc Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26203BBZ Cyprus 96 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26204BBZ Cyprus 160 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26205BBZ Cyprus 8"cc Appliance Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26206BBZ Cyprus 12"cc Appliance Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP26207BBZ Cyprus 18"cc Appliance Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP36593BBZ Crawford 96 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP36594BBZ Crawford 128 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


Amerock BP36595BBZ Crawford 160 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Golden Champagne


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Satin Brass Cabinet Hardware vs. Polished Brass

If you’re choosing Satin Brass cabinet knobs, you’ll probably want to match them with Satin Brass cabinet hinges. But should you generally opt for Satin Brass cabinet hardware over Polished Brass? The two are similar, and it’s largely a matter of personal preference — but there are subtle differences.

Polished Brass is a well-known and popular choice for knobs and hinges, but with good reason, as it looks great and is a durable finish that’s easy to clean. It also matches quite well with most décor, with a vintage style people tend to love. In addition, the Polished Brass look is coming back into style, so it’s appropriate for modern, contemporary looks as well.

Satin Brass has all the great features of Polished Brass, but it has a little more subtlety than Polished Brass. Like Polished Brass, it works with both traditional and contemporary cabinetry. It’s still a bold, striking look, but doesn’t have the same showiness. You may prefer Satin Brass hinges for your bathroom fixtures, where some moderation in décor is often called for.

You may find it a little more challenging to match accessories and other décor elements to Satin Brass, but Cliffside Industries has all the hardware choices you need to create a consistent décor with Satin Brass.

Other advantages to Satin Brass include that it won’t show fingerprints or water spots, and some people simply prefer a more matte look to a polished one.

Bring a Cohesive Look to Your Home With Satin Brass Hardware

Continuity creates an appealing look in a home. When you see the same small details repeated in room after room — such as matching hinges, knobs and pulls — you know the builder or remodeler paid attention to the specifics. This can inspire buyers who want to know they’re investing in a home that will last. They understand if that much effort went into even the slightest details, then this is a home they can trust.

Plus, there’s no arguing the visual appeal a cohesive look brings to your home. When you see the same patterns and forms carried throughout the kitchen, bathroom, dining room and more, it enhances the home’s visual appeal. Choose from unique options such as:

  • Single-robe hooks
  • Cup pulls
  • Cabinet handles

All have the exceptional craftsmanship people have come to expect from Cliffside products. While most of our customers search for bathroom and kitchen hardware, you can also use these in other rooms, or even on furniture or antiques you have restored. The possibilities for incorporating our hardware into your décor are truly endless.

Choosing Satin Brass Hinges From Cliffside Industries

If you’ve decided that Satin Brass hinges are right for any of the doors in your home, Cliffside Industries is the perfect place to get them. Like all of the decorative hardware merchandise we sell, Cliffside Industries Satin Brass cabinet hinges are held to the highest standard of superior quality and craftsmanship. They will fit in perfectly with your other Satin Brass decorative hardware, no matter where in your home you choose to install them. You’ll also enjoy the same standard of commitment to customer satisfaction with our Satin Brass hinges, including our 180-day warranty.

If you’re just starting with finding out all of the great ways Cliffside Industries can breathe new life into your furniture, Satin Brass cabinet hinges are a great way to start. They’re affordable, functional, durable and are a simple way to enter the exciting world of decorative cabinet hardware.

Choose your favorite cabinet hinges from Cliffside Industries and give them a try today.

Why You Should Buy From Cliffside, One of the Leaders in the Industry

We know you have many choices for where to purchase the hardware for your home, whether you’re a professional or an average person remodeling your own house. Our reputation has grown over our three decades in the business.

We started out in 1987 with a vision of providing the best possible products, combined with the most outstanding customer service. Through the years, we’ve expanded our lines and worked with so many customers eager to find the finest materials for their home builds. Throughout that time, even as we grew, we remained committed to quality and service. Those things have come to define us, and we’re proud to provide them for our customers today.

We also offer:

  • Free ground shipping on orders of $1,000 or more, so you can stock up when you place your order
  • Easy-to-care-for hardware that requires just a damp soft cloth and some water to wipe down
  • Exceptional durability of all our hardware

If you want the best knobs, pulls, handles and more in your home, make an investment that will pay off over time. Contact us today to place your order for our satin brass hardware, or browse our website to find other lines that fit in with your interior design vision — we can’t wait to help you make that vision come to life!