Polished Chrome Cabinet Pulls and Knobs

Polished Chrome

When you want to give your kitchen or bathroom an upgrade, consider new hardware. It’s one of the fastest ways to transform the look of a space.

For the price, little can compare with the appearance and endurance of chrome drawer pulls, chrome cabinet latches and polished chrome cabinet knobs and pulls. Not only does chrome reflect the light beautifully, it also cleans well and gives any room a put-together, classy ambiance. Plus, polished chrome fits in perfectly with practically any room style. From retro to ultra-modern, chrome is definitely a solid bet!

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ZMK44-PC Cliffside Choice Polished Chrome Moderno Contemporary Cabinet Knob


ZBK35-PC Polished Chrome Square Contemporary Cabinet Knob


ZBH-12-PC 12"cc Polished Chrome Campana Flat Refrigerator Handle


ZBH-8-PC 8"cc Polished Chrome Campana Flat Small Appliance Handle


ZBH-6-PC 6"cc Polished Chrome Campana Flat Cabinet Handle


ZBH-4-PC 4"cc Polished Chrome Campana Flat Cabinet Handle


ZAH-18-PC 18"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Refrigerator Handle


ZAH-12-PC 12"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Refrigerator Handle


ZAH-8-PC 8"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Small Appliance Handle


ZAH-6-PC 6"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Cabinet Handle


ZAH-4-PC 4"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Cabinet Handle


ZAH-2-PC 2"cc Polished Chrome Alba Contemporary Finger Handle


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From traditional styles to transitional and contemporary designs, Cliffside's Polished Chrome cabinet pulls and hardware collection offers a variety of choices in knobs, handles, cup pulls, and latches. We partner with only the best manufacturers in the industry. This enables us to bring you incredibly resilient hardware that performs beautifully and is eye-catching as well.

The Popularity of Polished Chrome for Any Space

Polished chrome is a popular choice among builders and homeowners because of its versatility. Not only does it go well with most décor, our cabinet pulls and knobs in chrome are also available in different sizes and shapes. A variety of refrigerator pulls and solid brass hinges complete the hardware suites in this finish, offering a full kitchen of choices. Polished Chrome is also a popular finish in the bath, and Cliffside offers a complete line of bath accessories in this color. Of course, it can be used in any other space filled with drawers and cabinets, including laundry rooms, kids’ playrooms, storage rooms and work areas!

Special Benefits of Polished Chrome Hardware

Designers everywhere sing the praises of polished chrome when it comes to quickly updating any room. Change up the style in an instant with dazzling new hardware that gives a kitchen or bath an immediate makeover. They’re also a fantastic match for new cabinetry in a number of styles. Polished chrome kitchen handles are versatile enough to work in traditional or modern spaces.

Chrome offers homeowners practical benefits as well. It’s easy to clean and is often less expensive than other finishes. Chrome is a durable finish that will last through years of use without looking dull. It’s easy to find matching hardware, but you can match appliances and other kitchen accessories to it as well.

While chrome can show fingerprints and watermarks when handled incorrectly, it makes a big impression when wiped clean with a soft cloth. The shine adds instant panache to any space and is not a slave to trends. You know your investment will have long-term benefits when you buy high-quality polished chrome handles from Cliffside.

Add Personality to Polished Chrome Cabinet Pulls

Your room should reflect your personality, which is why polished chrome cabinet pulls and knobs are so sought-after! Our polished chrome finish is available in four of our design suites, which range from sleek and modern to intricate scroll designs. We also use the polished chrome finish as a building block for many of our more ornate contemporary designs. If you have an end result in mind, we certainly have the right chrome pulls and other fixtures!

Plenty of Options

Cliffside has a variety of polished chrome cabinet pulls and hardware options that fit a range of tastes and styles. Our team of expert artisans go to the extreme to meet the high standards of quality our customers expect. Take a look at our style suites. These groups of hardware pieces conform to similar details and lines, making it easy to match your polished chrome handles to cabinet knobs, drawer pulls and other coordinating hardware pieces.

If you prefer a slightly warmer tone, consider the Polished Nickel or go to the extreme with the bold flavor of Polished Brass. We have several muted options too, with Silver Satin, Brushed Nickel and Satin Brass offering a softer look that blends in to any space. Browse our wide variety below and discover the perfect item for your home project needs.

Polished Chrome Cabinet Handles

Your client is a chef. Or he’s a want-to-be chef. Either way, all he wants is a cook’s kitchen. He might not be sure of the cabinets he wants, and he probably doesn’t have an opinion on the flooring. But he definitely knows what he needs in the realm of appliances.

If your design centers around a six-burner gas range, sub-zero wine cooler or a stainless steel French door refrigerator, you might be looking for materials to complement the industrial look. Our polished chrome cabinet handles and polished chrome drawer pulls will pair well with light and dark woods, as well as any bold, glossy lacquered cabinets you might choose.

Quality Materials

At Cliffside Industries, we’re not offering you just another pretty knob. The finishes on our polished chrome cabinet knobs are also incredibly durable. Cliffside’s hardware is made with high-quality materials that will stand up to the heat and usage in a chef’s dream kitchen.

Our super-tough polished chrome finish is applied over a solid zinc or brass base material. This ensures the functionality of your kitchen handles will last for years, right along with their flashy appearance. Your client will appreciate the rugged, wear-resistant coating as the chrome kitchen handles retain their shine despite the demands of regular use.

The kitchen and bathroom are often the busiest rooms in any structure. Kitchen chrome handles are put under intense stress. Make sure you invest in cabinet hardware that’s up to the task. Ask about our sturdy construction methods before opting for a cheaper brand. You’ll quickly find the value we offer goes unmatched.

Deep Discounts

If your client is dropping a pretty penny on high-end appliances, they might be looking to cut corners in other areas. We offer a one-stop shop for all polished chrome knobs, handles, pulls and hinges. Our customer service team will help you fill any gaps in your knowledge. Simply let us know the look you’re trying to achieve and the materials already in place. We will point you to several acceptable options.

Plus, as a thank you for ordering with Cliffside, we’ll even throw in free ground shipping for all orders over $1,000.