Rustic Iron Drawer Pulls and Cabinet Hardware


For hardware with a rustic, country feeling, Cliffside's Iron knobs, pulls, and solid brass hinges offer color tones contrasting between gray and black. With a wide range of choices including appliance handles, cup and bin pulls, and cabinet latches, Cliffside has four Iron-finished hardware suites, all made from durable solid brass. For an even more rustic look, consider the Sedona Suite's Antique Iron finish.

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Z622-5-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 5"cc Artisan Cabinet Pull

Scroll Suite in Iron

Cliffside Solid Brass Scroll Suite in Iron

Starting at: $3.00

Artisan Suite in Iron

Cliffside Solid Brass Artisan Suite in Iron

Starting at: $4.49


ZP-5-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 5"cc Scroll Cabinet Pull


ZP-3-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 3"cc Scroll Cabinet Pull


ZP-12-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 12"cc Scroll Appliance Pull


ZIBCL-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Ice Box Cabinet Latch

Regular Price: $32.00

Special Price: $14.99


ZTCL-IR Cliffside Choice Turn-Style Iron Cabinet Latch


ZOC-3-IR 3"cc Iron Oceano Designer Cup Pull


ZOH-3-IR 3"cc Iron Oceano Designer Cabinet Pull


ZOH-5-IR 5"cc Iron Oceano Designer Cabinet Pull


Z100-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Cabinet Knob


Z105-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Cabinet Knob


Z110-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Cabinet Knob


Z622-3-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 3"cc Artisan Cabinet Pull


Z1-12-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 12"cc Classic Refrigerator Pull


Z1-8-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 8"cc Classic Appliance Pull


Z1-5-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 5"cc Classic Cabinet Pull


Z1-3-IR Cliffside Choice Iron 3"cc Classic Cabinet Pull

Regular Price: $14.25

Special Price: $11.25


Z341-IR Cliffside Choice Iron Cup Pull


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Embracing Rustic Style

If you’re a fan of natural, organic elements, a lover of nature or history, or just love to relax, the rustic look is a perfect fit for your home, whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or the home office. Our varieties of iron knobs, pulls, handles, hinges, and other hardware go a long way in selling the look.

Along with dark grey, mottled, or black fixtures, consider the use of natural elements in and around your home. You don’t need a wagon wheel by the fireplace to capture the inviting, unpretentious feeling that comes with rustic design. Consider a woven rug made of natural fibers over a plank wood floor, baskets and simple woodworking for storage, and plenty of smaller accents — such as iron drawer pulls and hinges — placed around the home.

Benefit From Solid Brass Construction

Many of our iron pieces have solid brass foundations. This is especially helpful in hot, wet environments like kitchens and bathrooms. Not only does solid brass provide the toughness needed to withstand regular use, but it also won’t rust or mold.

Cleaning iron finish is as simple as wiping the fixtures down with a damp, soft cloth. Any cleaners, however, should be avoided, as they may impact the hardware’s appearance. For dirty jobs, stick with warm water and remove the hardware on your cabinetry, if the wood needs extensive cleaning.

Worried about germs or viruses? There’s a secret benefit to using brass. The metal is naturally antimicrobial, so you never have to worry about sanitizing the hardware. It cleans up all by itself.

The Versatility of Iron Hardware

Today’s rustic design includes variations of the rough wood beam construction that was present just 10 or 15 years ago. Modern rustic puts a new spin on the style, with slick beams, glass and the use of warm fabrics, putting a twist on an old look. Likewise, our iron cabinet pulls, knobs and appliance handles run the gamut of plain and simplistic to subtle, yet inspiring, details.

Note the difference between 100-IR cabinet knob and 158-IR cabinet knob, with a wide base. Even more of a contrast is the K344-3-IR pull, with its delicate rope detailing.

With the number of options we have available, it’s easy to find the perfect hardware for any cabinet, drawer, door, or appliance. Get started on your rustic ensemble today, or call our dedicated customer service department for help in locating the perfect iron hardware for your interior project.