Black Cabinet Hardware


Cliffside has a wide variety of black cabinet knobs, pulls, appliance handles, latches, and bath accessories. Browse our collection of hardware suites and discover which of our black cabinet hinges and knobs are right for your home decor project.

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ZMK44-FB Cliffside Choice Black Moderno Contemporary Cabinet Knob


ZBH-12-FB 12"cc Black Campana Flat Refrigerator Handle

Regular Price: $90.00

Special Price: $70.00


ZBH-8-FB 8"cc Black Campana Flat Small Appliance Handle


ZBH-4-FB 4"cc Black Campana Flat Cabinet Handle

Regular Price: $12.25

Special Price: $9.75


ZAH-12-FB 12"cc Black Alba Contemporary Refrigerator Handle


ZAH-6-FB 6"cc Black Alba Contemporary Cabinet Handle

Regular Price: $16.50

Special Price: $13.25

Out of stock


ZAH-4-FB 4"cc Black Alba Contemporary Cabinet Handle


ZAH-2-FB 2"cc Black Alba Contemporary Finger Handle


Z512-192-FB 192mm cc Black Metro Modern Cabinet Handle


Z512-160-FB 160mm cc Black Metro Modern Cabinet Handle


Z512-128-FB 128mm cc Black Metro Modern Cabinet Handle


ZTCL-FB Cliffside Choice Turn-Style Black Cabinet Latch


ZBK35-FB Black Square Contemporary Cabinet Knob

Regular Price: $8.50

Special Price: $6.75


ZCC-4-FB Cliffside Choice 4"cc Black Carena Transitional Curved Bin Pull

Regular Price: $13.75

Special Price: $7.69


ZMK35-FB Cliffside Choice Black Moderno Contemporary Cabinet Knob

Regular Price: $9.00

Special Price: $6.79


ZMH-6-FB Cliffside Choice 6"cc Black Moderno Contemporary Arched Cabinet Handle

Regular Price: $18.00

Special Price: $14.25

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Matte Black Cabinet Knobs in Solid Brass Hardware Suites

Cliffside Industries is proud to offer black cabinet hardware in a variety of solid brass hardware suites. Solid brass hardware sets the industry standard for durability, and because we offer a range of style choices, that means our customers enjoy the best of high-quality and timeless, elegant style. Plus, because we craft black cabinet hinges to perfectly match our knobs, you'll never again have to worry about the annoyances of mismatched hardware.

We make our black cabinet knobs in traditional, classic and ornate styles. Try our elaborate Criss-Cross or Rope designs for the ultimate in detailed craftsmanship, or choose a refined style from our Artisan, Classic or Scroll suites. Either way, you'll get the best in materials, design and durability.

Consider thinking outside the kitchen and bathroom, as well. Your guest room is a perfect spot to swap out dresser drawer or closet door handles. In other areas of your home, precisely placed knobs can be used for hanging storage or as a focal point in a bland room.

Check Out a Wide Range of Black Cabinet Hardware Styles

Black knobs and hinges make a powerful impact against contrasting colors. Use them in a stark white French cottage kitchen to make their details pop. Black hardware keeps a dark room calm and relaxed. It’s often a cornerstone of modern, contemporary, or edgy designs. There are other black pieces more suited to traditional or rustic designs, like the Emtek 86348 fluted appliance pull.

You won’t find a larger assortment of matte black cabinet pulls and knobs to choose from. The Artisan style is one of the most popular — a craftsman's dream with its decorative faux screws and classic lines. For a very traditional colonial look, the Scroll harkens back to old world furniture and cabinetry designs.

Take the opportunity to upgrade your room overnight by switching out boring hardware with unique black knobs, pulls and other cabinet accessories in any number of styles.

Why Choose Black Cabinet Knobs, Pulls and Hinges?

So why should you choose black cabinet pulls, hinges or other black cabinet hardware? They aren’t a clear match to your existing cabinets and they aren’t a vintage look, so what do black cabinet hinges do for you that another cabinet finish doesn’t? Well, there are a few reasons to consider:

  • Black Stands Out: There’s no question that, when something is draped in black, it gets noticed. Black absorbs light, and anything that draws light in is bound to draw your eye. So, if you’re looking to draw attention to a favored piece of cabinetry, black can be the way to go.
  • Black Goes with Everything:Because black isn’t a clear match for any one type of cabinet style, you’re free to match it to just about any of them. Other than avoiding matching black cabinetry hardware with an all-black cabinet, as they may be tough to see, your matching options with black cabinetry hardware are virtually unlimited.
  • Black Is Streamlining: Because of black’s light-absorbing properties, it creates a modern, streamlined look that many people find quite pleasing as part of an overall room décor.
  • Black Is Concealing: If you’ve got kids (or a spouse) who can’t keep their greasy hands off the cabinets, it will show on something like polished brass, with spots and fingerprints standing out every time. You’ll still want to clean your black cabinet hardware regularly, but you’ll probably find it always looks great no matter how often you get around to cleaning.

The Benefits of Black Cabinet Hardware

At Cliffside, we only carry the highest quality black cabinet hardware available, which many times means that under that black lacquer, there’s a solid brass base. We don’t cast our brass pieces. They aren’t poured from liquid into a mold where bubbles can sacrifice their integrity. Our solid brass construction black pulls, handles, knobs and hinges have the power needed to stay reliable. They’ll weather daily use for years without breaking or bending.

In addition, because the black finish is laid over brass, the finish itself is 300 percent more durable than finish applied to aluminum and other materials. Combined with the natural antimicrobial qualities of brass, these accessories will likely outlast your cabinetry. They’ll require less maintenance, too.

Typically, we recommend that homeowners clean our black hinges, latches, knobs, pulls, and handles using basic warm water with a damp, soft cloth. Cleaning chemicals and scrubbing pads will scratch the finish. How much easier could it get? Install our cabinet hardware and enjoy long-lasting looks and durability with very little work required.

Ordering Convenience at Cliffside

Mix and match various pieces and styles to complete your home’s custom look. Find a piece of hardware you like? You can often find complementary handles and pulls recommended in individual listings. If the choices leave something to be desired, please get in touch with our customer service team.

While we try to highlight as many of our options as possible online, things move fast in the design world. We often have extra handles, hinges, knobs, appliance pulls and other cabinet hardware items available. Purchasing a variety of black pieces to use throughout your home will help create a complete and polished look.

For your choice of cabinet knobs in black and matte black, we're your first and only stop. With such a range of shapes and sizes to choose from, you can get black knobs in round and square shapes, large and small dimensions, and with myriad different designs. Plus, if your order is over $1,000, Cliffside will even pick up the ground shipping for you to most locations in the U.S. So check out our great choices today and get the perfect matte black cabinet pulls and knobs for your kitchen, bathroom, or anywhere else in the home!