Antique Nickel Hardware

Are you working on a design project that calls for classy, high-quality hardware? Whether you need it in the kitchen, bathroom or another room of the house, consider our assortment of antique nickel hardware to meet your construction, remodeling or antique finishing needs. Our hardware ranges from knobs and appliance pulls to light switch plates.

Cliffside Industries sells a wide range of brands, too, including top names like Schaub and Amerock. When you need hardware that will last for years and look good despite repeated usage, choose antique nickel from Cliffside.

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Amerock BP19016GM Bar Pull Collection 480 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP29340GM Candler 1 1/4" Rectangular Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal


Amerock BP29349GM Candler 3"cc Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP29355GM Candler 96 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP29363GM Candler 128 mm CC Center Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP29364GM Candler 160 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36601GM Davenport 1 1/4" Rectangular Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36602GM Davenport 1 1/2" Rectangular Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36603GM Oberon 1 3/8" Round Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36604GM Oberon 1 3/4" Round Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36605GM Davenport 96 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


Amerock BP36606GM Davenport 128 mm CC Cabinet Pull in Gunmetal


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Many Types of Antique Nickel Hardware to Fit Your Home’s Unique Personality

Every house has its own style. Perhaps your home is modern, with big, airy spaces and industrial-looking appliances. Maybe it’s country, with rustic farmhouse touches dotting your kitchen, bedroom and living room. Or maybe you’ve bought into a recent craze and incorporated it into every room. Your personality shines through in the choices you make for your design and helps set the tone for your decorating choices.

You want every part of your home to reflect that personality, and hardware plays an important role in that. The smallest touches can make a big difference. When you make an investment in these little features, people know you pay attention to details. Even the littlest thing can make a room appear distinctive. Some unique choices might include:

  • Amerock BP55340GM Revitalize 1-1/4" Rectangular Cabinet Knob in Gunmetal
  • Baldwin Reserve BR7016 Oval Door Bell Button
  • Schaub 253 Siena Large Elongated Cabinet Knob

Appreciate the Fine Quality of Cliffside’s Antique Nickel Hardware

Homeowners attempting their own remodels can learn from their professional counterparts. Decorators and builders know using the right supplies in a home can make the difference between a good and a great structure. Relying on well-known brands with proven track records can help you avoid the headache of having to replace hardware, which can lead to unhappy owners.

By choosing Cliffside Industries hardware, you can keep your clients happy. Our superior products boast outstanding craftsmanship. They are made from the best materials and have been engineered to last. You can count on Cliffside when you need:

  • High-quality hardware
  • Traditional styles that will remain desirable for decades to come
  • A wide variety of knobs, pulls, latches and other useful resources for your home

When you purchase them all from the same place, you gain uniformity in the house, making it appear polished and pulled together. Visitors and potential buyers will love this small but notable detail.

Contact Cliffside Industries Today to Order Antique Nickel Hardware

Cliffside is a family-owned company with more than three decades of experience. We have developed a reputation for providing industry-leading customer service. We assist you with every step of your purchase, from suggesting complementary hardware to checking on availability of your items to offering a 180-day warranty on all products. We even provide free ground shipping on orders of more than $1,000.

Get in touch with Cliffside today to order your new antique nickel hardware. We look forward to helping you with your next project!