Dresser Drawer Pulls

Does the bedroom furniture in your project need a makeover? Did you inherit a lovely but outdated furnishing or did you find a treasure that could use a little TLC at the tag sale up the street? No problem. Cliffside Industries, Ltd. has a diverse collection of cabinet and dresser drawer pulls that will give your much-loved furnishing a new lease on life.

A Range of Styles from Antique to Contemporary

What began in 1987 as a one-style collection became Cliffside Industries, renowned in the home hardware industry for customer service, durability and ageless beauty.

Should your redesign project require something a bit out of the ordinary, browse our collection of novelty pulls. We sell everything from clam shell pulls and lilac leaf pulls to dresser hardware in marble, crystal, pewter, brass and beyond. Our collection includes popular cup-style pulls as well as traditional handles, knobs and more. You are sure to find dresser drawer pulls to fit your needs.

From Bronze to Brass, We Have an Option for You

Simply measure the space where you’d like to put new dresser drawer pulls and browse our online catalog for an appropriate fit. Our styles include the rustic and refined Artisan and Sedona Suites in addition to the contemporary choices as featured in our Stainless Steel Suite. Add a flourish to your furnishings with our traditionally elegant Rope, Scroll and Criss-Cross designs, or stick with the tried-and-true good looks of our Classic Suite.

Whichever you prefer, all of our Suites come in a range of finishes and include polished and antiqued metals, oil-rubbed bronze, black, and more.

K344-3 series dresser handles in a variety of colors