Cabinet Hardware Displays

Cliffside Industries is proud to announce its new display program for showrooms, designers, manufacturers, dealerships and other trade accounts. Beginning in 2017, our newest compact displays are designed to minimize space usage while maximizing functionality and versatility. We are pleased with these new designs, which highlight our hardware offerings in a variety of ways. Each board contains product from a single suite. On the board, you will see examples of the hardware in the suite, as well as all of the finishes in which it is available. You will also see information about other matching pieces in the suite that are available. For example, the board informs you that other pieces in the suite, such as appliance pulls, are sold in additional sizes, or if the suite is available in other materials. You can also flip the board over for more information about how to order the product.

Read on to find out how you can purchase displays or earn them for free...

Because many of our dealers are located in areas where specific product styles sell best, we've made the process of purchasing boards even easier by bundling them together, saving us time and saving you money. If you prefer to display only one or two suites, you are also free to order the boards individually. Our new program has 12 available boards that will enhance and beautify your hardware offering. Eight of them are divided into bundles by style: a Traditional Bundle and a Contemporary Bundle.

Traditional displays

Our traditional hardware includes timeless classics that have stood the test of time for many years. This bundle includes the Classic Suite, the Scroll Suite, the Artisan Suite, and the Oceano Suite.

Contemporary displays

Our new transitional and modern lines have already proven to be true winners. Each of these suites has its own unique style, shape, and flair. This bundle includes the Carena Suite, the Moderno Suite, the Alba Suite, and the Campana Suite.

Additional specialty displays

As a part of this display program, we also offer our new Metro Collection, which is a sleek and stylish addition to our line. These three sizes of pulls, available in two modern finishes, are simply magnificent. You'll also find some classics from our line that we've always had: our beautiful and durable Cabinet Latches in two styles; the best sellers from our award-winning and industry-leading Cabinet Hinges; and the Stainless Steel Suites, now including the new T311 bow pulls.

How to purchase boards

Each of the basic 10 hardware boards (excluding Cabinet Hinges and Cabinet Latches) is available for purchase on this website to qualified existing dealer accounts. Please note that you must be logged in as a dealer to view the prices for these items. However, we have engineered this board program with affordability in mind, and the small investment in displays is well worth it to beautify your line with hardware of Cliffside's caliber. If you are interested in purchasing boards in bundles, you can save even more!

By purchasing the Traditional or Contemporary Bundles, you can save 8% beyond the original cost of the boards. There are also additional savings available for bundling our Cabinet Hinge, Cabinet Latch, Stainless Steel, and Metro Collection boards. Contact customer service if you have more questions or need in-depth details.

Please note that shipping costs are not included with any display orders.

How to earn free displays

In addition to our board purchase program, we provide the opportunity for you to earn boards at absolutely no cost to you. Simply place an order with directly with Cliffside over $500.00 net and send a display order form along with the order indicating which of our 10 basic boards you would like to receive. We will be happy to include that board with your order, or to ship it to you as soon as it is available. You can continue earning boards until you have received all 10 basic displays. Each $500.00 in purchases qualifies you to receive 1 complimentary basic display. You can also earn the Cabinet Latches or Cabinet Hinges board at no charge, but due to their higher cost, a net order of $1,000.00 is required to receive one of these premium boards at no charge.

Orders must be placed for shipment on a single invoice and cannot be combined. This offer applies for single orders and sales will not accrue toward a free board “target”. This offer is available for redemption by qualified trade accounts established with Cliffside Industries and must be logged into this account at time of purchase.