Turquoise Cabinet Hardware - Knobs & Pulls


For many years, turquoise has reigned as one of the most popular accent colors for home decorating. It isn’t surprising, given the many positive associations people tend to have with this shade.

Turquoise leads to thoughts of the breezy ocean, the magnificent sky and the shade of some of the most gorgeous flowers on the planet. It also hearkens back to visions of the 1950s and 1960s, when turquoise rose to become one of the most sought-after hues for everything from tile to wall coverings.

Look at the wonderful ways turquoise drawer pulls, door handles, and other alluring pieces accentuate personal style while filling a practical role. At Cliffside, all of our hardware is capable of withstanding the daily demands of kitchen and bathroom life. From sturdy bases to finishes that work alongside any decor, we’ll help you find the perfect solution to cabinet knobs, appliance pulls and more.

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Cal Crystal 101-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 102-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 106-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 108-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 109-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 111-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 113-CM001 Turquoise Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 134-CM001 Turquoise Adjustable Athens Cabinet Pull


Cal Crystal M30-AQUA Round Turquoise Crystal Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal M995-AQUA Square Turquoise Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86527 1" Diameter Bristol Cyan Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86528 1 1/4" Diameter Bristol Cyan Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86537 1" Diameter Brookmont Cyan Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86538 1 1/4" Diameter Brookmont Cyan Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86539 1 3/4" Diameter Brookmont Cyan Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86552 1 3/8" Width Lido Cyan Square Crystal Cabinet Knob


Emtek 86553 1 5/8" Width Lido Cyan Square Crystal Cabinet Knob


GW-OC1 Grace White Glass Oceana Glass Cabinet Knob


GW-SPR Grace White Glass Springtime Glass Cabinet Knob


GW-WTM Grace White Glass Turquoise Melts Glass Cabinet Knob


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Could Turquoise Be What’s Missing in Your Home?

If you want to add a pop of turquoise to your interior design, explore our turquoise cabinet knob options. A turquoise cabinet knob can quickly transform any space from drab to delightful. It can also tone down a party atmosphere into something more elegant and relaxing.

Imagine how your classic, vintage or contemporary kitchen will look when you remove the old hardware and replace it with turquoise glass knobs. In the same vein, if you are currently remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, take the time to look through the turquoise pulls and green glass cabinet knobs we offer. We stock such a wide variety — from intricately detailed pewter knobs with turquoise inlays to pastel polyester knobs — you'll be able to find hardware to fit any application.

For instance, if you’re looking for turquoise drawer pulls, we have the Sietto Intrinsic Aqua Glass Cabinet Pull. The rectangular piece features handcrafted glass in a light, rich turquoise. Looking for crystal or glass cabinet knobs? We’ve got those, too. Check out Cal Crystal M995-AQUA and M30-AQUA for round and square turquoise crystal knobs with solid brass bases. They’re available in eight distinct finishes to work with the rest of your decor, whether you’re going glam or country chic.

Ways to Showcase Your Turquoise Cabinet Knobs

Are you looking for ways to showcase turquoise knobs from Cliffside Industries? Some of our favorite tips include:

  • Using turquoise glass or crystal cabinet knobs to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral-colored room, such as a kitchen decorated mostly in white, eggshell or tan.
  • Promoting a retro look in one or more of your spaces with vintage-appearing turquoise cabinet knobs.
  • Revitalizing older cabinetry by painting or re-staining it, then attaching crystal dresser hardware for effect.
  • Using the turquoise to echo similar or complementary shades and tints already used in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or other space.
  • Replacing missing or broken hardware, especially hardware that was originally turquoise, with these newer, durable turquoise drawer knobs from Cliffside Industries.

Easy Maintenance for Turquoise Pulls and Handles

When designing, we often want to focus on aesthetics. We’d rather think of the laundry room cabinet knobs that capture our attention whenever we see them, or the romantic and expertly carved door handles leading into the master suite. Unfortunately, practical matters make a big difference when it comes to long-term value.

Most of our turquoise pieces couldn’t be easier to care for over time. Cliffside recommends rinsing glass, crystal, and most of our metal hardware with a damp cloth. Some knobs and pulls will benefit from a lint-free cloth for drying, while others will be able to take a serious scrub down.

It’s important never to use any cleaning fluids — including common dish soap — on your hardware before you’ve checked the manufacturer’s guidelines. There’s an off-chance of discoloration, or possible corrosion.

Trust Cliffside Industries for Durable Turquoise Hardware

You can trust the turquoise and green glass drawer knobs, along with the other hardware we sell at Cliffside Industries, for everyday use. We supply cabinet knobs from only the finest manufacturers. This means they will stay beautiful-looking for a lifetime, despite the normal wear-and-tear of a busy home.

As you explore our hardware in shades of turquoise, please note that our line of products includes cabinet knobs featuring an aqua lead crystal. It comes in two shapes with eight stem finishes. We also have teal polyester and turquoise cabinet pulls. They come with your choice of three base colors.

If you’re having problems choosing the right turquoise elements to incorporate in your design, feel free to talk to one of our experts. Simply contact customer service and request help with your order. You’ll create a tidy, polished look if you’re able to repeat hardware and accessories throughout your property. How? Talk to one of our representatives about coordinating pieces you can use anywhere in your home.