Clear Cabinet Hardware


You Deserve Hardware That’s Clearly Exceptional

The clear cabinet hardware you’ll find at Cliffside Industries represents the care we take when choosing the right kind of knobs, pulls and more to offer. We only partner with manufacturers who display exceptional attention to detail — this means you get tremendous value every time you buy clear cabinet knobs from our online store. If you ever have any questions before or after you make a purchase, please call our company at (717) 627-3286 to speak with a customer service representative.

Clear Cabinet Knobs Are Fine Additions to Any Room

When you want clear cabinet knobs for your kitchen, bathroom or laundry space, look no further than the hardware items displayed on these pages. We offer clear cabinet knobs that are frosted, glassy, and sparkling. Use clear cabinet knobs to improve the appearance of any interior space. You’ll love the way they look and function!

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Baldwin 4301 1 3/16" Medium Round Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4302 1 3/8" Large Round Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4318 1 3/16" Medium Faceted Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4324 1 3/8" Medium Faceted Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4325 1 3/4" Large Faceted Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4334 1 3/8" Medium Swarovski Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4336 1 9/16" Large Swarovski Crystal Cabinet Knob


Baldwin 4343 3"cc Smooth Crystal Cabinet Pull


Baldwin 4349 3"cc Etched Crystal Cabinet Pull


Baldwin 4354 1 3/16" Conical Stepped Crystal Knob


Cal Crystal 101-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 102-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 106-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 108-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 109-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 111-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 113-CM006 Clear Athens Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal 134-CM006 Clear Adjustable Athens Cabinet Pull


Cal Crystal G248 1-5/16" Crystal Cabinet Knob


Cal Crystal M1111 Crystal Cabinet Knob


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Reflective Cabinet Knobs Are Modern and Lovely

You’ll notice that many of the clear cabinet knobs and hardware at Cliffside Industries are made out of reflective materials and have a subtle colorful shading. This is currently a popular style, especially for contemporary eating spaces and baths.

In fact, many open-concept homes, condos, and apartments are decorated with these functional types of hardware. If your home or office exhibits modern detailing, reflective cabinet hardware may be ideal.

Crystal Cabinet Knobs: A Nod to Vintage Décor

Are you a fan of vintage décor? Do you gravitate toward older homes and bygone eras? Do you long to have a home like those you remember when you were a child? You’ll appreciate our crystal clear cabinet knobs!

Not only are they a reminder of yesteryear, but some knobs are made using Swarovski crystals. They’ll catch every ray of natural and artificial light, just like their vintage counterparts. Many even come in unique shapes, such as flowers. Plus, they are surprisingly easy to keep clean! Enjoy your crystal cabinet hardware for many years!

What Type of Clear Cabinet Hardware Do You Need?

As you consider what type of clear cabinet hardware you want, keep in mind that each piece will add a unique flair to your room. We recommend that you measure the sizes for any clear cabinet knobs you are considering so you can determine if they are comparable with the sizes on your current knobs. As always, contact Cliffside Industries at (717) 627-3286 for more info.