Overlapping hinges in a variety of finishesCliffside Industries hardware comes in a veritable rainbow of colors. For short descriptions of many of our metal finishes and product colors, we do publish a finish guide, both online with photographs, and in our price list with short text descriptions. However, since one man's "brushed nickel" is another man's "Silver Satin", we have established this guide to better enumerate for our customers what our "colors" entail. Most of the color categories can be found within the left-hand sidebar of each page of our website, and you can reach each one from this page.

Nickel color category

A satin nickel cabinet knob

The nickel color category contains all of those colors which are coded as nickel by Cliffside or by our suppliers. These include the Silver Satin finish, which is a brushed nickel color, in solid brass and zinc materials, the Polished Nickel finish in solid brass material, and the Brushed Nickel finish in zinc material.

Chrome color category

A filigreed backplate in Polished Chrome

In the chrome color category, Cliffside offers a wide variety of knobs, pulls, hinges, latches, and more in the Polished Chrome finish. This finish is available on solid brass and zinc materials, as well as in conjunction with crystal and polyester knobs and pulls. For a look similar to brushed chrome, the Brushed Nickel finish or the Silver Satin finish will be your closest match, but both are the more golden nickel color tone.

Bronze color category

A close-up of a cabinet knob in the Venetian Bronze finish, one of two oil-rubbed bronze colors

Cliffside Industries offers two different shades of oil-rubbed bronze: the Old Antique finish and the Venetian Bronze finish. These two colors are found on solid brass material, and the Old Antique also has some zinc pieces to choose. Each of these colors is found in the bronze color category, along with the natural Bronze finish from the rustic Sedona Suite. Our novelty pieces in the Oil Rubbed Bronze finish can also be found in this category.

Brass color category

The ribbon-and-reed design on an Antique Brass cup pull

Two different brass finishes are offered in Cliffside's hardware suite line: the Polished Brass finish, Cliffside's original hardware color; and the Antique Brass finish, with dark brushed lacquering to accentuate detailing. This category includes all of the brass-colored hinges, including the Oxidized Brass, Antique English, and Bronze Satin colors. Zinc and brass builders' hardware in Polished Brass is also available in this category.

Silver color category

The wave design of the Antique Silver Sedona Suite knobs

The silver color category includes those items whose are silver-colored but do not fall into a category such as nickel (e.g., the Silver Satin finish is nickel, not 'silver'). Finishes in this category include the Antique Silver finish of the Sedona Suite and the Old Silver finish cabinet knobs and hinges.

Black color category

Close-up of a black appliance pull from the Artisan Suite

In the black color category, all of the solid brass hardware in the Black finish is represented, including the coordinating luxury bath accessories. Cliffside's shiny black Nickel Chrome finish is also available, along with polyester and marble knobs and pulls in this same color. 

Iron color category

Close-up of an iron cabinet knob

The iron color category contains all of Cliffside's solid brass and zinc die cast cabinet hardware in the Iron finish. This rustic gray-and-black color is available in a wide variety of items, including appliance handles, cabinet pulls, cup pulls, and cabinet latches. This category also include the Sedona Suite's Antique Iron finish.

Copper color category

Detail of a copper cabinet latch

In the copper color category, Cliffside Industries offers its Old Copper finish in the stock suite hardware line and an Antique Copper finish in a wide range of novelty knobs and pulls. For a bronze finish with copper highlights, check out the Venetian Bronze finish in the bronze color category.

Gray color category

Close-up of a stainless steel cabinet knob

The gray color category is truly more of a supercategory. It includes all of the items of the chrome color in the Polished Chrome finish, all of the nickel items in the Silver Satin and Polished Nickel finishes, all of the Iron finish items, all of the items from the silver category in the Old Silver and Antique Silver finishes, and the brushed natural stainless knobs, pulls, and appliance handles from the Stainless Steel Suite. It also has novelty hardware in Pewter, lead crystal knobs and pulls in Pewter, and stone knobs in dark Storm Gray.

Clear color category

The interior side of a clear lead crystal cabinet knob; detail shot

Cliffside's clear-colored cabinet hardware includes the lead crystal knobs with eight available stem finishes, as well as our crystal knobs and pulls that include the elements of Swarovski. Clear frosted polyester knobs and pulls are also available in this category with three available base colors. Finally, the last item in this category is our clear vinyl cabinet bumpers, superior to foam composite bumpers with high-quality adhesives and less chance of flaking or dry-rot.

Multicolored color category

A stone cabinet knob with a range of colors from brown-gold to blue-gray

Cliffside has several lines of hardware that have multiple colors within a single cabinet knob. The Arizona series stone cabinet knobs, such as the one seen at left, are completely random in color and add a diverse look to any kitchen. The M30AB and M35AB series lead crystal knobs are specially treated to exhibit a 'rainbow' or prismatic effect.

Beige color category

The base of a beige marble cabinet knob of the Perlato Sicilia species

In the beige color category, Cliffside Industries offers a collection of beige marble knobs and pulls, along with a tan magnetic barrel catch for cabinetmakers.

White color category

A detail photograph of the barrel of a white plastic magnet catch

Cliffside's white color category includes white magnetic barrel catches, white marble knobs and handles, and a white cabinet knob made of zinc and glazed with a porcelain finish.

Pink color category

A close-up photograph of a pink lead crystal knob

The pink color category includes pink lead crystal knobs in a round shape and in a square shape. This color can vary and will range from rose pink to salmon pink depending on the items.

Red color category

A close-up photograph of a red polyester cabinet knob

In the red color category, Cliffside Industries offers a variety of red knobs and pulls. In lead crystal, round and square red knobs are available. There are also red knobs and pulls from our polyester cabinet hardware line, and we offer a line of red special-order marble knobs and pulls that coordinate with our stock 'brown' marble knobs.

Amber color category

A close-up photograph of an amber crystal cabinet knob

Amber, a yellowish-orange shade, is represented in the Cliffside line through two shapes of lead crystal cabinet knobs: the square M995 series and the round M30 series. Each of these is available with eight base finishes.

Green color category

A close-up photograph of an green polyester cabinet knob

In the green color category, Cliffside offers a collection of green marble knobs and pulls; two shades of green polyester knobs and handles, with three available base colors; and round and square green lead crystal cabinet knobs, with eight stem finishes from which to choose.

Turquoise color category

An aqua-colored lead crystal cabinet knob, close-up

Cliffside's turquoise hardware includes aqua-colored lead crystal cabinet knobs in two shapes and with eight stem finishes, and turquoise or teal polyester cabinet knobs and pulls with three available base colors.

Blue color category

A blue polyester cabinet pull, close-up, with a Polished Brass base partially visible

In addition to turquoise, Cliffside Industries offers blue hardware in a darker, royal color: round and square lead crystal cabinet knobs with eight available stem finishes; and polyester cabinet knobs and pulls with three base finishes from which to choose.

Purple color category

An amethyst lead crystal cabinet knob, close up

The purple color category consists only of lead crystal cabinet knobs and is subdivided into two sections: the lavender color category, wherein are found the alexandrite-colored crystal knobs, and the amethyst color category, where the amethyst crystal knobs reside. Each color is available in your choice of round or square shapes and with any of eight stem finishes.

Brown color category

The base of a brown marble cabinet knob, in detail

The brown color category has two stock marble knobs, which coordinate with the red special-order marble, and a magnetic barrel catch for securing cabinets. For additional dark brown hardware, see the bronze color category for our Old Antique and Venetian Bronze finishes.

Rust color category

A stone cabinet knob, in detail, with its rust-colored base showing.

The rust color category consists of the Arizona series and Bahia series stone cabinet knobs with the rust-colored base finishes. For other hardware in a similar hue, consider the Old Copper finish.

We also offer orange hardware and gold hardware. For more information and finish descriptions, see Cliffside's finish guide.