Schaub and Company Colonial Cabinet Hardware


Schaub and Company Colonial Cabinet Hardware When you want distinctive, unique hardware for your cabinets, consider Schaub and Company products, sold by Cliffside Industries, Ltd. Schaub’s Colonial collection offers knobs and pulls that will give your latest remodel or design project character. With this hardware, you can contrast beautifully with nearly any cabinetry material while also enjoying a look you will want to echo across the rest of the home. The high value and fine materials used to produce the Colonial collection make it a favorite among many builders and designers.

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Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 703 Medium Colonial Cabinet Knob

Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 704 Large Colonial Cabinet Knob

Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 747 4"cc Turned Colonial Cabinet Pull

Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 748 6"cc Turned Colonial Cabinet Pull

Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 749 12"cc Turned Colonial Appliance Pull

Satin Nickel finish

Schaub 7495 15"cc Turned Colonial Appliance Pull


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What Style Will Fit Your Home Project?

Cliffside offers a wide range of choices in cabinetry. The Schaub and Company items look good, but they aren’t just for decoration. They also provide a needed service for your cabinets, allowing you to open them with knobs and pulls that fit right in with your aesthetic. You can find a wide range of styles produced by Schaub and Company as well.

Are you decorating a country kitchen? Perhaps your space has a more contemporary feel or it was designed for a classic-style bathroom. When you choose Schaub and Company, you can find products to match up with the aesthetic you are trying to create. Our options include:

  • Cabinet knobs
  • Cabinet pulls
  • Appliance pulls

Each one has been made with an exacting attention to detail. The hardware produced by Schaub and Company is made from the finest materials. They design it with the aim of offering reliability for years to come, which is a quality this hardware shares with all products sold by Cliffside Industries.

Our commitment to providing superior products is well-known throughout the industry, and we are proud to partner with Schaub and Company thanks to their similar aim.

Incorporating Colonial Cabinet Hardware Into Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Our appliance and cabinet pulls, along with our cabinet knobs, make useful additions to your design or remodel. You can use them on any cabinetry you install in the kitchen or bathroom, of course, but you can also employ them throughout the home to give your house a cohesive look. Carrying similar hardware into other parts of the home shows your careful consideration of design elements throughout a new build or remodel.

If you have a bar, you can use our knobs on the cabinets in the bar. You can swap out appliance pulls for those on an existing dresser, or use either our pulls or knobs on a closet in the bedroom to match the cabinetry in a bathroom.

The Value and Tradition of Schaub’s Colonial Collection

The Schaub Colonial collection is an elegant choice for anyone who values traditional style and quality craftsmanship. Reminiscent of early Americana in its heritage-inspired curves and lines, Schaub offers this collection in a variety of colors and finishes to fit in with any decor. Like all Schaub products, the company builds Colonial cabinet hardware with premium materials and to exceptionally high standards of fit and finish.

As part of our commitment to offering premium options for all homes, Cliffside Industries carries the full range of Colonial cabinet hardware with Schaub. Learn more about individual products by following the links on this page or contact our office for assistance putting together a complete package for any upcoming job.

Product Details

Schaub manufactures Colonial cabinet hardware with solid brass. Thirteen finishes are available, including Satin Nickel, Oil-Rubbed Bronze, Flat Black and more. Available products include small and medium drawer knobs, 4” and 6” cabinet pulls and 12” and 15” appliance pulls. Classic without feeling overly showy, Colonial cabinet hardware is an excellent choice for a timeless kitchen that will look great long after the latest design trends have passed.

About Schaub

Schaub is one of our most trusted manufacturer partners. The company, which has been in business since 1998, is known for products that boast impeccable construction and a high level of attention to detail throughout. As a result, you can find Schaub door knobs and cabinet pulls in homes that prioritize quality in even the smallest hardware components.

Choose Schaub and you'll see the difference with bargain brands instantly. Place your order today through our online store for fast delivery throughout North America and beyond.

Working With Cliffside Industries

Cliffside Industries is your source online for some of the best cabinet hardware in the world. We are the first choice of demanding contractors, designers and homeowners looking for products they can trust and excellent customer service in every transaction.

We are dedicated to working with each client to find solutions that help them succeed. This can be as simple as ensuring your order gets processed quickly or it can involve a more detailed consultation in which we recommend products based on your specific design requirements. Whatever a job entails, we’ll be there for service and support whenever you need us.

What makes the Cliffside difference? We provide you with product solutions that fit your needs, stand up to long-term use, and are easy to maintain. Here are just a few advantages of doing business with us:

  • We offer a 180-day warranty on all products
  • We stock only products known for their superior craftsmanship
  • We sell hardware that can be cleaned easily with warm water and a soft cloth
  • Our second-to-none customer service addresses your needs in a timely manner

Shop our assortment of Schaub Colonial cabinet hardware online today. Ground shipping is free on orders of $800 or more.