Quality Antique Hinges

Offset armoire hinges in a variety of antique finishesSometimes, only the classic patina of antiqued cabinet fixtures will do. If your design project requires the unique look that only antiqued metal can bring, browse the Cliffside Industries collection of solid brass antique hinges. Many of Cliffside’s antique hinges coordinate perfectly with the hardware in the Antique Brass finish category, which means you can easily find the ideal knobs, pulls and accessories for your design project.

Familiarize yourself with all of our antique hardware hinges, from ball tip and non-mortise to inset and armoire styles. You’ll find that all of our pieces stand up to the most rigorous kitchen and bathroom use, and they retain their looks better than old hinges made from cheaper materials.

The Importance of Antique Hinges

Hardware seems like such a small part of the equation when you’re designing a home or remodeling a room. But when you skimp on the small details, they can hurt the appearance of the rest of the house. People want to know they’re purchasing something of high quality.

Things like well-designed antique hinges reflect the attention to detail potential buyers want to see. They know if you care enough to seek out the best hinges, you certainly can be trusted to take care of the bigger things they’re are looking for in a home or remodel.

Of course, if you’re buying antique hinges for yourself, you aren’t doing it to make a statement, but their role in the home is no less important. They help you craft the type of place where you want to spend your life. You should enjoy every aspect of your home, right down to the hardware and hinges.

Discover the Superiority of our Antique Hinges

Construction and design professionals rely on solid antique brass hinges because they are durable, hold a finish well, and stand the test of time with ageless beauty. That is why each and every hinge Cliffside Industries offers is constructed using this high-quality metal.

We also understand that crafting durable, beautiful antique hinges is an art in and of itself. Cliffside partners with precision European hinge makers to create the ideal cabinet hardware. Pieces are constructed using the top methods as well, so you can count on your hinges — antique or not — to perform reliably through the years. Cliffside uses extruded construction to ensure our metal pieces retain their structural integrity.

Because we understand the needs of our clients, we offer our hinges in a variety of colors and styles. You will be able to coordinate your hinges with endless options for cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, door handles, and other hardware accessories. You simply cannot find better-made antique hinge hardware.

The Antique Hinge Details

Our solid brass antique hinges are available in a variety of sizes and design choices, including the Scroll, Criss-Cross, Artisan, Classic and Rope Suites in mortising and non-mortising styles. Browse our online collection to discover the array of decorative finials and finishes we offer. Chances are we have the size and finish suitable for your cabinet hardware needs.

Our customer service team is ready and waiting to help you complete your order. With such a large assortment, you may feel overwhelmed. Our knowledgeable staff will set you back on track with numerous options for mixing and matching styles with complementary products. Rest assured, at Cliffside, your satisfaction is our top priority.

Popular Options for Antique Hinge Hardware

We carefully pick the products we offer, evaluating them for quality construction as well as for aesthetic appeal. You’re sure to find many hinges, pulls, knobs, and other hardware accessories here you won’t see anywhere else. They work well with our other products, too, allowing you the chance to create inspiring and unique room ensembles.

We go to great lengths to provide you with everything you need to create just the right atmosphere. Ball tip cabinet and door hinges offer subtle design elements to reinforce your Old World designs. Button tip hinges in finishes ranging from rustic Old Antique to shiny, new Polished Chrome and Nickel work well in many settings, from traditional kitchens to modern bathrooms. Be sure to check out our inset hinges and antique offset hinges too. We have the perfect solution to all of your cabinet and door hanging needs.

Order Antique Hinges from Cliffside

Door, cabinetry, and furniture hinges are available in many styles, sizes, and colors to help you create a comprehensive look throughout any property. We only deal with the highest quality products to ensure your spaces always look their best. Moreover, they will perform reliably over time, so you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of noisy, sticking doors or rusting hardware. We provide you with metal accessories that last, including hinges in antique finishes that are up to the heaviest challenges.

Want to see our assortment for yourself? Take a closer look at our most popular sizes:

Place an order over $800 and we will provide complimentary ground shipping. Receive your in-stock hardware in as little as a few days while you enjoy a big savings. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

You’ll appreciate the generous assortment of cabinetry hinges we have available. Let Cliffside Industries help you bring durability, functionality, and ageless beauty to your design project today.

Why Choose Cliffside for Your Antique Hinges?

Cliffside Industries is a family-owned business that’s been known as one of the best hardware suppliers in the industry since 1987. We focus on providing exceptional customer service to our customers, which is just one way Cliffside sets itself apart. We also offer:

  • 180-day warranties on all purchases
  • Superior craftsmanship of every product
  • Wide assortment of hardware to match hinges

We love working with customers both new and old. Let us show you the latest releases and advise you on what might work best for your design needs. When you order from Cliffside Industries, you get a true partner in the buying process. Customer service is one of our main focuses, and we do all we can to ensure you have a great experience with us. Get in touch today to discuss our antique hinge options. 

BH2A-NF hinges with polished and antiqued finishes