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Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Suites

Looking for kitchen cabinet hardware ideas? Each of Cliffside Industries' high-quality hardware suites has a minimum of four handle sizes available to complement cabinets, drawers, doors, and paneled appliances, like dishwashers and refrigerators. All suites also have two or more coordinating knob designs. Additionally, Cliffside's solid brass hardware suites each have a matching cup pull, two cupboard latches, and a wide variety of hinge styles for inset and offset cabinets. Each solid brass hardware collection is available in 10 signature finishes. All six suites of hardware for kitchen cabinets are crafted from solid materials, including solid brass, forged European bronze, and stainless steel. Whether you are just looking for cabinet hardware ideas or a full hardware set, view below for a wide variety of styles, finishes and more hardware for kitchen cabinets.

Artisan Suite

Artisan Suite in Polished NickelAvailable in 10 finishes, the solid brass Artisan Suite is characterized by the popular exposed screw design that adorns many of the pieces in the collection. This suite coordinates especially well with the surface-mounted cabinet latches, a nod to the faux screw on the pulls.

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Classic Suite

Classic Suite in Silver SatinThe timeless design of the Classic Suite is one of Cliffside's most sought-after styles. Offering the unparalleled quality of solid brass with the versatility of a wide range of choice, this hardware collection is decorated simply, with a clean, beveled edge adorning all of the pulls and knobs, which marry a traditional concept to art deco shape.

AB  •  FB  •  IR  •  OA  •  OC  •  PB  •  PC  •  PN  •  SS  •  VB

Scroll Suite

Scroll Suite in Venetian BronzeThe design of the Scroll Suite is one of traditional simplicity and elegance, with the delicate turned scroll design highlighting each of the pulls. The unadorned cup pull and simple knob designs lend a quiet strength to Cliffside's best-selling solid brass hardware collection.

AB  •  FB  •  IR  •  OA  •  OC  •  PB  •  PC  •  PN  •  SS  •  VB

Rope Suite

Rope Suite in Antique BrassThe Rope Suite is characterized by the woven design present across the face of this collection's pulls and knobs, even accentuating the rim of the Cliffside-exclusive cup pull. Several of the more ornate solid brass hinge styles, such as the inset and offset armoire hinges, are popular with this suite.

AB  •  FB  •  IR  •  OA  •  OC  •  PB  •  PC  •  PN  •  SS  •  VB

Sedona Suite

Sedona Suite in BronzeAvailable with three distinctive patinas, the forged Sedona Suite is crafted in Europe from blended metals, rather than a finish plated atop a metal core. Each piece is distinctively pitted and distressed to achieve a uniquely rustic look. This design is popular throughout the United States, but especially in the Southwest.

AI  •  AS  •  BZ

Stainless Steel Suite

Selected items from the Stainless Steel SuiteThe most contemporary of Cliffside Industries' hardware collections, the Stainless Steel Suite offers two distinctive styles of solid bar pulls: one with thin legs and one with wide feet. Each collection is available in multiple sizes ranging from small drawers to tall doors and cabinets. For refrigerators, Cliffside offers sizes up to 64 inches in our D85 series appliance handles, and three stainless steel knobs round out the group.

Changing your cabinet hardware is an inexpensive way to refresh the overall look of your kitchen. Imagine re-staining golden oak cabinetry to a deep gray and adding iron hardware from the Rope Suite. Consider swapping out your bright brass hardware on your white cabinets to polished nickel from the Classic Suite. With the right kitchen hardware ideas, you may be able to avoid or delay expensive projects such as replacing cabinetry — while enjoying the look of your kitchen at the same time.

At Cliffside Industries, we manufacture beautifully designed kitchen cabinet hardware of exceptional quality. Not only should you love the look of your hardware, you should also feel confident about its quality. You’ll likely pull, open, lock and tug your cabinet doors thousands of times over the course of its life. When you choose cabinet hardware from Cliffside Industries, you can rest assured that the products you purchase will withstand years of tough use and abuse. That’s why Cliffside Industries has grown from a one-man, one-knob dream to a large company that retains the original commitment to quality promised by Walter Zaleskie over 25 years ago.