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Appliance Handles - Refrigerator Handles

Paneled appliances such as built-in refrigerators and beverage refrigerators can give your kitchen a cozier, less industrial feel. Not only do paneled appliances blend seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry, they also feature custom hardware that enhances the décor of your home.

Purchasing attractive — but durable — hardware is essential. You will pull on these handles thousands of times over the life of your refrigerator. The right refrigerator handle, which can also be used for your dishwasher, will avoid tarnishing and wear while staying sturdy over years of use.  

Cliffside Industries offers a full line of pulls and handles for cabinets, doors, drawers, and especially appliances. One of the most popular parts of the Cliffside line is the refrigerator handles for paneled refrigerators and other appliances from such manufacturers as Sub-Zero, Thermador, and Liebherr. Cliffside introduced the kitchen industry's first decorative solid brass appliance handles, and since then, our line has expanded to over 60 different choices for your full-size refrigerator, wine or beverage refrigerator, and dishwasher. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, these pulls can suit any woodworker or manufacturer, as well as designers and the end user.

Dishwasher and Refrigerator Handles From Cliffside Industries

When Cliffside Industries developed our product Suites, we had one goal in mind: to create beautiful, long-lasting hardware that can enhance the look of any home. That’s why interior designers, builders and other professionals rely on our hardware. Designing a look you’ll love for years to come is easy when you shop at Cliffside Industries.

Cliffside Industries manufactures appliance handles in 7 styles and 15 finishes. Search below by Suite, or mix and match styles and choose by material or finish.

You can find dishwasher and refrigerator handles in a range of sizes and styles, from a contemporary handle in Brushed Natural Stainless to a rustic choice in Antique Iron. When you shop for cabinet hardware online at Cliffside Industries, you’ll find your options are nearly endless. Our appliance handles include:

B1-12 series Classic Suite refrigerator handles

The B1-12 solid brass refrigerator handle in the Iron finish

Cliffside's simplest and most 'classic' design is found in the form of the B1-12 series appliance handles. Available in 10 finishes, these pulls are designed with quality in mind. Made of solid brass, each single handle weighs over 3 pounds in material alone! The unembellished yet bold design makes a statement wherever it is installed, and the wide array of colors available allows this appliance pull to be at home in traditional, transitional, or contemporary kitchens. For smaller appliances, the matching B1-8 series small appliance handles are available.

B622-12 series Artisan Suite refrigerator handles

solid brass refrigerator handles in Polished Chrome

Developed with fine woodworkers and custom cabinet manufacturers in mind, Cliffside's Artisan Suite displays a 'faux screw' design on the end of each pull, and the B622-12 series refrigerator handles for paneled refrigerators are no exception. The clean lines and subtle curves of this pull lend themselves well to a variety of styles; it is especially popular in the Polished Chrome (above) or Polished Nickel finishes in white transitional or modern kitchens where a "craftsman's look" is desired. These pulls are made from solid brass with 10 available finishes. To coordinate throughout the kitchen, the B622-8 series small appliance pulls are available to match for paneled undercounter refrigerators and freezers.

K344-12 series Rope Suite refrigerator handles

Rope Suite refrigerator handle in Venetian Bronze

Coordinating with the rope moulding and cabinet styles found in many traditional kitchens, the K344-12 series refrigerator handles are crafted from solid brass with painstaking attention to detail. The attractive 'stepped foot' design adds an additional flair that gives pizzazz to a design that is otherwise somewhat commonplace. Especially popular in the Silver Satin (brushed nickel) finish, this piece also finds its niche with heavily accented finishes like Antique Brass and Venetian Bronze (above). 10 finishes are available in total. The K344-8 series small appliance handles are also available for wood-fronted dishwashers and other kitchen appliances, and is part of the Rope Suite, which offers coordinating cabinet pulls and knobs, as well as hinges and cupboard latches.

SP-12 series Scroll Suite refrigerator handles

The SP-12 scroll appliance handle in Black

The SP-12 series refrigerator handles are the original Cliffside appliance handle. Coordinating with the Scroll Suite, this handle has removable backplates or escutcheons on the feet for optional use. Made from solid brass, this refrigerator pull is available in 10 signature finishes and measures 12 inches on center. Due to its universal style, this pull is equally at home in a traditional or contemporary kitchen, with such varied hues as Black (above), Old Copper, or Polished Chrome. The SP-8 series small appliance handles are also available to coordinate for paneled dishwashers or freezers.

3408 and 3409 series Sedona Suite Pulls

Two rustic iron appliance handles measuring 12 and 18 inches

For a rustic feel, Cliffside's Sedona Suite offers two sizes of available appliance handles. The 3408 series refrigerator pulls measure 12 inches on center, much like the solid brass appliance handles. For an even larger size, the 3409 series appliance pulls measure 18 inches on center. The pieces of the Sedona Suite are crafted from forged European bronze, with some finishes, like the Antique Iron above, blended with pewter to create gray tones. Each Sedona handle is available in three distressed finishes.

D85 series Stainless Steel Suite refrigerator pulls

A stainless steel bar pull

The D85 series stainless steel appliance handles offer the largest range of sizes in the Cliffside refrigerator handle line. The smallest pull, D85D54-14-SS (above), measures 6 inches on center and is equally at home on a standard-sized refrigerator, an undercounter freezer, or a paneled dishwasher. For larger refrigeration units, five additional sizes are available, from 16 inches on center to 64 inches in overall length. These handles for paneled refrigerators measure 1 inch in diameter and are made from pure stainless steel, protecting them from long-term water damage in a high-use kitchen. These refrigerator handles coordinate especially well with Cliffside's T305 series stainless steel bar pulls for cabinets and drawers.

To see the entire finish options available in Cliffside's refrigerator pull line, you can browse the 'appliance pulls and handles' section of this website or view our online catalog.

Make Cliffside Industries Your Choice for High-Quality Hardware

When it comes to choosing a cabinet hardware manufacturer that will supply your project with high-quality hardware made with durable materials and excellent craftsmanship, no other distributor can match Cliffside Industries. Since 1987, when Walter Zaleskie founded Cliffside Industries, we have grown from a one-man, one-knob business to an award-winning, family-owned company that manufactures thousands of respected products.

When you shop with us, you’ll join discerning industry professionals who return to our product catalogue again and again. That’s because we stand behind our products with an unparalleled commitment to quality and beautiful design.

In addition to appliance handles, Cliffside Industries also carries drawer and door pulls, handles, knobs, hinges, latches and accessories in several sizes. If you have questions, our perfectly rated customer service team is here to help. Place an order and have it on your doorstep within 48 hours. Place an order over $800 and earn free ground shipping.

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