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Brushed Nickel Cabinet Hardware Collection

Silver Satin

Today's kitchens are all about style. They are a far cry from the wallpapered avocado and green galley we remember from childhood. Now, high-end appliances, flooring and finishes can help create a chef's dream workspace.

Customers who are paying for kitchen remodels expect the very best designs and materials. After all, kitchens are one of the most expensive areas of the home to redo. If they're going to pay for the updates, they should know it's done right the first time.

Any TV design show will show kitchen spaces that include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, wooden cabinets and brushed nickel cabinet hardware. It's almost like a kitchen remodel isn't complete without adding brushed nickel cabinet pulls and brushed nickel cabinet knobs.

Cliffside Industries' classic, high-quality products are an elegant addition to any kitchen remodeling project. View our collection below, or check out some of our hardware suites.

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100-20-SS Silver Satin Miniature Cabinet Knob


100-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


105-SS Silver Satin Oval Cabinet Knob


110-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


147-SS Silver Satin Octagon Cabinet Knob


148-SS Silver Satin Square Cabinet Knob


149-SS Silver Satin Rectangle Cabinet Knob


158-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


161-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


3-8-OFFSET-SS Silver Satin 3/8" Overlay Cabinet Hinge with Decorative Tip


97015-SS Silver Satin Breadboard Knob


AHO-SS-LEFT Silver Satin 3/8" Overlay Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip


AHO-SS-RIGHT Silver Satin 3/8" Overlay Armoire Hinge with Decorative Tip


B1-12-SS 12"cc Silver Satin Classic Refrigerator Pull


B1-3-SS 3"cc Silver Satin Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-5-SS 5"cc Silver Satin Classic Cabinet Pull


B1-8-SS 8"cc Silver Satin Classic Appliance Pull


B600-SS Silver Satin Cabinet Knob


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Adding the Finishing Touches with Brushed Nickel

Your customers know what style looks like. Most likely, they'll come to you with photos pulled from magazines or a Pinterest board dedicated to dream kitchens.

They might need a little more guidance in the hardware department, though, and Cliffside Industries has the options customers are seeking. Sure, those tall, cherry cabinets look gorgeous, but without brushed nickel cabinet hardware, they'll be missing something. Brushed nickel cabinet pulls and brushed nickel cabinet knobs will be the icing on the cake in your client's kitchen.

Know What's Available
Clients expect their designers and builders to be aware of the latest trends, and brushed nickel is one of the most popular hardware finishes right now. We offer knobs, pulls and latches in this trendy color palette, ensuring that you're always able to provide your customers with modern, up-to-date products.

Traditional, transitional and contemporary styles are also available in our online showroom to share with your clients. Cliffside Industries only offers high-quality, durable brushed nickel hardware, so you'll be able to stand behind the product you're installing in your clients' remodels.

Brushed Nickel Knobs and Pulls

Employ the use of trendy brushed nickel knobs in your design. At Cliffside Industries, we can help you complete your design, whether your needs are big or small.

Whether your client is in need of classic hardware for their bathroom or is interested in brushed nickel kitchen cabinet pulls, we have a number of ornate and traditional designs to choose from. Our brushed nickel knobs also pair well with a wide variety of products across our many design suites, including bath accessories, hinges and latches.

At Cliffside Industries, you can rest easy knowing each and every brushed nickel knob we sell is backed by our industry-leading customer service team.

Check out the satin nickel cabinet hardware for even more choices.