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Cabinet Hardware Sizes and Styles

The size, style and craftsmanship of the hardware you choose not only affects the appearance of your cabinets, it also affects their functionality. Choose the wrong size, and you can permanently damage your cabinetry. Skimp on quality, and you could wind up wasting thousands of dollars.

At Cliffside Industries, we help customers every day choose the cabinet hardware that’s the right size and style for their projects. Because we manufacture our hardware using tough, proven materials such as a solid brass, your purchase can withstand years of use without tarnishing or wearing.

Choosing Cabinet Hardware in the Right Size

Choosing the right size for your cabinet hardware can be particularly challenging. This is especially true if you are replacing handles or knobs on an antique piece or in an existing kitchen or bath. Open a cabinet or drawer and look where your hardware is attached. Ideally, your new hardware will fit the existing space without creating new holes or showing obvious damage on the exterior face.

To find the hardware that best meets your needs, remove the existing pieces needing replacement for measurement. The location of the screws will determine the size of the hardware you need. Cliffside Industries manufactures cabinet pulls, drawer handles and drawer pulls in several sizes and styles, including hard-to-find 2.5-inch cabinet pulls and 2.5-inch drawer handles.

When shopping for cabinet pulls and drawer handles, you will often see notations like ‘2.5” c.c.’, ‘5” OC’, and the like. These measurements are odd notational jargon that most folks wouldn’t recognize without a manual. This measurement is called ‘center to center’, and it’s easy to understand.

Defining Center to Center

A drawer pull measuring 3 inches on center 

The dimension ‘center to center’—often also referred to as the ‘on-center’ measurement, or simply “centers” (e.g., “2.5-inch centers”)—is the measurement between two holes, from the center of the first to the center of the second. On cabinet hardware, this specification is almost universally used for drawer pulls, where it measures the distance between the centers of the two screw holes used to mount or attach the piece to a drawer front. This notation can be written as ‘cc’ or ‘c.c.’, for center-to-center; ‘o.c.’ or ‘OC’, for on-center; or in a variety of other manners (screw spacing, etc.). Since the center-to-center is a measurement, it can be given with any unit, but is typically seen as either a number of inches (2.5 inch cc) or a number of millimeters (64 mm cc).

Cliffside offers cabinet pulls in a variety of center-to-centers, from 2.5 inch drawer pulls up to 5 inch centers in solid brass, and sizes ranging from 96 mm to 792 mm in stainless steel.

3-inch Cabinet Pulls

Cliffside Industries' cabinet pull collection centers around its solid brass offerings. The standard sizes are three inches and five inches on center. 3 inch drawer pulls are available in a wide range of styles and finishes. Some of the most popular are the 3 inch scroll pull (SP-3) and the 3 inch Artisan Suite handle (B622-3). Popular finishes of three inch cabinet handles include black pulls and polished nickel cabinet handles. Cliffside also offers solid brass cup handles and bin pulls in five styles and ten finishes that measure three inches center-to-center.

2.5-inch Drawer Handles and 2.5-inch Drawer Pulls

2.5 inch cabinet handles and drawer pulls are not very common. Cliffside offers a collection of pulls with an English measurement (2.5 inch drawer pulls) and the closest equivalent metric size (64 mm handles). Because 2.5 inch cabinet pulls are rare, many of our collection of this size are unique handles, such as novelty styles and contemporary designs. There is also one 2.5 inch drawer pull in a cup/bin style: the 1504-RA, unique to Cliffside. Of our drawer pulls, 2.5 inch sizes are one of the smallest but also the most versatile, as many are available in up to five finishes.

4-inch Cabinet Handles 

Cliffside Industries has a small collection of four inch center cabinet pulls. The most popular are from our Sedona Suite, available in three finishes. These rustic, distressed pieces yield a one-of-a-kind look in your kitchen. The Athens collection multi-colored polyester bar pulls are adjustable, with a maximum on-center length of four inches. There is also one novelty four inch cabinet handle, available in five colors.

5-inch Drawer Pulls

Cliffside offers 5 inch drawer pulls in ten finishes and five distinctive styles. They are a great upgrade size from three-inch pulls if you need a larger grip area, or if you have large kitchen drawers. Cliffside’s 5 inch drawer handles are made from solid brass and come in 10 unique colors, such as polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze pulls. The 5 styles are each part of a Cliffside hardware suite, so each of these kitchen handles coordinates with a pull of the same design in 3-inch, 8-inch, and 12-inch sizes.

Metric Cabinet Handles (96 mm, 128 mm, and more)

Other sizes of pulls are measured metrically, rather than using English lengths. Often, you will see a measurement of 3-13/16" or 3-3/4" on center. These pulls are nearly always a 96 mm center. Cliffside offers several pulls with this on-center measurement. Many distributors and manufacturers will also mention a 5-inch center pull and the size will actually be 128 mm. This is because 5 inches is actually 127 mm. A 128 mm center-to-center pull measures approximately 5.03 inches. Stainless steel cabinet pulls are usually measured with metric centers, and Cliffside offers sizes ranging from 96 mm drawer pulls up to 792 mm (approximately 31 3/16 inches) on center.

Cliffside Industries Sets the Industry Standard for Excellence

For over 25 years, Cliffside Industries has earned a reputation for superior quality products and outstanding customer service. After Walter Zaleskie founded Cliffside Industries with one knob and one dream, he grew his business the old-fashioned way — by providing expertly crafted cabinet hardware made from the most durable and beautiful materials.

When you shop for luxury cabinet hardware from Cliffside Industries, you’ll find products of exceptional quality in a diverse range of styles. From novelty hardware made from solid bronze to solid brass latches in numerous finishes and styles, you’ll see why we’ve earned a loyal following in the industry. We love our work, we take pride in our products, and we stand behind every purchase you make.

Shopping at is easy, too. Search by material, color, style or size — it’s up to you. Have questions about sizing? Contact our customer service team, who we’re proud to report has earned a perfect rating. We ship in-stock products to your door within 48 hours, and if your purchase exceeds $800, you’ll get free ground shipping. Cliffside Industries makes it easy to love shopping for cabinet hardware!

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